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Which one of the led high bay brand influence

If there is no brand influence, want to take a slice of the profit margins from the industry, it is very difficult. If the corporate brand strong, profit margins must be widened, because the brand to strengthen so that the price of his products sold up. A very interesting phenomenon, our products do more advertising, the higher the reputation of the brand, and promote the brand advertising costs are ultimately paid by the consumer.

But consumers buy a single later, very happy, I bought a very good product, he did not know that there are half of the money, advertising spending, it is quite we went to a large hotel to eat, five-star Hotel, I often joke, we went to eat a thousand dollars, of which five hundred dishes have been very great, there are five hundred dollars is the floor, wallpaper, attendants. But our consumers finished a good mood, and sigh: wow, this hotel, too forthright, too comfortable, too face.

4ft led shop light

We all know that consumers like to pursue some high-brand enjoyment and consumption, these advertising costs are ultimately paid by consumers, and they are still very happy. So we for the consumer, for our service this group, we must strengthen the brand promotion, consumers do not care about the cost, and ultimately by him to pay.

The price is relatively very important. It is well known that a new product to be widely used, if its price is too high, will make a large number of people discouraged, and as a kind of energy-saving products, people more energy consumption of LED led high bay lamps brought about by the value And will be compared with the input, so that in the current market conditions, the advantages of LED led high bay lamp did not fully play its real “energy” role, so reduce the cost of production is our current enterprises need to solve the problem, Only to solve this problem well, I believe that LED industrial lighting to the indoor lighting is the same day.

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