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US incandescent, halogen, energy saving lamps and LED bulb status and development trends

Recently, the US Department of Energy (DOE) released the latest version of the general lighting applications of solid-state lighting energy-saving bilingual version of the forecast. The report focuses on the US general lighting market, the new report using the latest 2017 US lighting market model, and the previous version of the forecast period of 2030 extension extended to 2035 years. Editor will start from the light source to start to see the United States incandescent, halogen, energy-saving lamps and LED bulb status and development trends.

A type of light bulb usually refers to the pear-shaped, with medium-sized spiral lamp, and the luminous angle of the spherical light source products, incandescent, halogen, compact fluorescent and LED bulbs are A-type bulb category. According to the US Energy Independence and Security Act (EISA 2007), which came into effect in 2007, the US government set limits on energy efficiency for high-power products, so incandescent lamps gradually withdraw from the US market, while consumers can only choose halogen lamps, compact Fluorescent or LED bulb.

In 2017, all US A-type bulbs in the amount of 3.2 billion, of which about 200 million incandescent, about 1 billion halogen lamps, compact fluorescent lamps about 1.7 billion, LED bulbs about 300 million. It is expected that by 2023, LED bulb in the amount will exceed the compact fluorescent lamp, by 2035, LED bulb in the amount will increase to 3.6 billion, accounting for about 4 billion A-type bulb total 90% of the amount, while the compact Fluorescent lamps in the amount will be reduced to 300 million, the amount of halogen lamps will be reduced to 100 million, incandescent lamps will be completely out of the US market.

According to the US Department of Energy predicted that 2017 smart LED bulb in the amount can be ignored, 2035 LED smart bulb will account for all US A-type light bulbs in the amount of 15%, will increase to 600 million.
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