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The quality of the LED led high bay lamp is deterled high bay mining lightd by the three parties

Now, many families are using LED lamps, LED led high bay lamps and lanterns mainly by the LED chip, drive circuit board, shell composed of these three parts, LED led high bay lamp quality is mainly from the three parts to resolve, then we commonly used LED led high bay lamps are mainly what varieties?

1, LED ceiling light: LED ceiling lamp is mainly installed in the room interior and corridor, close to the ceiling, will not take up too much room space, and thus more useful, LED ceiling lamp to LED as a light source, with high luminous efficiency , Low power consumption, long life, easy to control, safety and environmental protection and other characteristics.

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2, LED downlight: LED downlight attributed to the directional lighting, as long as its opposite face by the light, generally embedded in the ceiling, the beam angle attributed to the condenser, the light will be set, light and dark contrast.

3, LED ceiling: LED ceiling light is the choice of high thermal conductivity of aluminum and related structural technology designed and produced a new ceiling, LED lights on the use of low light failure LED as a light source, with long life, energy saving, environmental protection, high Performance and other characteristics.

4, LED fluorescent: LED fluorescent tube selection of ultra-high brightness white LED as a light source, shell for the acrylic / aluminum alloy, specifications are generally 0.6 m, 0.8 m, 1.2 m, etc., in the home, supermarket and other places more commonly used lighting.

5, LED lighting: LED lighting can be driven by low-voltage direct current, with a small load, the advantages of weak interference, the use of low environmental requirements, generally used in museums, exhibition hall or part of the lighting. LED lighting can be settled in the bathroom or the upper part of the interior wall can also be placed inside the wall skirt or skirting.

6, LED led high bay lamp: LED led high bay lamp similar to incandescent, only LED led high bay lamp is the choice of LED light source. In household lighting more commonly used.

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