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The origin of led high bay lamps, the rapid development in the market

Full name of the led high bay mining lightr’s lamp is a led high bay mining lightr’s lamp safety light. It is the British David, this device is called “safety light”, because the previous use of the lights often bring some security risks. In the early nineteenth century, thanks to the British.

The industrial revolution has developed rapidly, and people are increasingly in need of coal. Coal led high bay mining lights are also getting deeper and deeper. There is no wire in the tunnel, and the workers need bright lights when they work. The led high bay mining lightrs used the fire oil lamp, which would undoubtedly increase the risk of gas explosion to 1812, with a serious gas explosion in the Felicity Collier coal led high bay mining light in Durham, resulting in 92 led high bay mining lightrs Killed, the injured is countless.

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In 1815, David was asked to solve the problem of gas explosion. Is a compound of hydrogen and carbon, and its burning requires certain conditions: the explosion will not occur with his gas for a careful test and analysis, and found that if the gas is 6 times with a small foot, there are more than 14 times the air mixed.

After the advent of led high bay lamps, David is always thinking about the safety of led high bay mining lightrs, their own personal interests are not too much to consider. So he has not been for their own to apply for a patent. But he is undoubtedly the safety of Min Min made a contribution. And his contemporaries are no praise for him, and the led high bay mining lightrs who also expressed gratitude to him, but also with his name for the safety lamp named, called the lamp “David lights.”

He also found that the gas was mixed with the proportion of the gas, and if it had a smaller diameter than the l / 8 inch, it would not explode. After repeated tests, David developed a more practical led high bay mining lightr safety light, he described his own light: “in the surrounding airtight shade, the candle in the burning, burning the required air from the lamp cover The following small tube guide lamp cover set up a combustion chamber, the exhaust will be excluded from the jiang tube.

“This lamp is similar to the ordinary light, very convenient to carry, relatively speaking, the price is very cheap.Then, David gradually found that metal mesh can also play the role of small tube.He used a fine mesh wire mesh As a raw material for the production of the lampstand, the production of such a lamp table can bring a significant advantage, that is, as long as there is gas, the flame will gradually become larger, so that is equal to the led high bay mining lightrs issued an alarm, and the larger flame can The road is illuminated so that people can quickly escape.

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