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The impact of the times continue to find a new way out of the lighting business

September 19, Lenovo Holdings and Rong Chong China’s shareholders were informed that Lenovo’s real estate business will be sold to China, the total price close to 13.8 billion, that is, Liu Chuanzhi chose to break up with the real estate.

The impact of the times continue to find a new way out of the lighting business

Today ‘s real estate into the second half, the market presents the following characteristics:

First, the city can make money less and less, the future is worth to take the development of the city is 40 to 50. In this case, the market competition is more and more intense. If there is no scale support, it is easy to lose money.

Second, the central city of the project, will be more and more with “bite the bones” nature, that is, the so – called urban renewal, the transformation of the old city. These projects require developers to work more closely with the local government, Lenovo this technology department of the originator, certainly not play.

Third, developers are entering the Warring States period from the Spring and Autumn Period. Spring and autumn eight hundred princes, the Warring States only seven male. This is an oligarchy, an era of success. Central enterprises in the merger of real estate companies, Hengda, Vanke this giant in hand. 2017 years later, you do not have 100 billion annual sales, are embarrassed to say that they are developers.

The impact of the times continue to find a new way out of the lighting business

To give up the real estate business is part of Lenovo’s overall strategic transformation. The reason why the real estate was first removed from the six plates out, no more than two reasons: First, Lenovo no real estate gene, not suitable for doing this; Second, the industry has obvious signs of peak, even Wanda are gradually fade out , What can be associated with Lenovo?

Today’s lighting industry, and real estate is very similar, there are many traditional lighting production, dealer big brother, facing the impact of the times, constantly looking for a new way out.

In recent years, the general characteristics of the lighting industry is the transition from traditional lighting to Led high bay low light fixtures , through more than 10 years of rapid development, Led high bay low light fixtures products are gradually replacing the traditional lighting products, Led high bay low light fixtures products because of the rapid increase in cost, Led high bay low light fixtures product penetration Growing year by year.

The impact of the times continue to find a new way out of the lighting business

As the Led high bay low light fixtures products cost-effective rapid increase in market competition is fierce, making the international famous brand companies have to adjust the response strategy.

PHILIPS lighting and medical separation from 2017, in February this year, PHILIPS lighting company independent, announced on the 3rd of this month will IPO, and will sell 25% stake.

Toshiba will be the Chinese business sold to Konka, following the Samsung after the exit of the Chinese lighting market.

Sharp is Taiwan’s Honghai holding, lighting business is expected to be greatly affected.

The above phenomenon can be seen: in the Chinese enterprises to enter the Led high bay low light fixtures market at the same time, the international companies to take adjustment strategies, which does not mean that they do not have technical advantages, but in the fierce competition advantage is no longer significant impact on corporate profits, And focus on more profitable business.

2017 domestic industry-wide sales of 560 billion yuan, an increase of 8%, exports 45.3 billion US dollars, up 9%, of which Led high bay low light fixtures products exports 10.8 billion US dollars, an increase of 20%. Industry-wide sales and export growth in recent years for the first time down to single digits, respectively, in 2017 10.5% and 15.5%.

2017, the overall trend of the domestic lighting industry is still the traditional light source products gradually reduced, and Led high bay low light fixtures products in the gradual growth of this trend has not changed, but Led high bay low light fixtures products increased steadily.

suspended light fixtures commercial

As the developed countries, lighting companies have to adjust the strategy, making China’s lighting products in the global market share in the expansion of other developing countries do not have the advantages of the industry chain for Chinese enterprises to provide opportunities to seize the opportunity to upgrade the enterprise will be More market.

The impact of the times continue to find a new way out of the lighting business

Real estate enterprises are the positive transformation of the way to share the economy, this way represents the future of the global Internet economic development of the latest direction, but also the choice of China’s shared development.

At present, both the traditional lighting business or emerging LED business, are faced with the “transformation” of the pain, but the transition is not simply “turn products”, but the enterprise operating system, the development of a comprehensive concept of change.

Lighting companies, lighting dealers more and more use of the advantages of the Internet economy to develop electricity to the store as the main force, the development of online shop to provide information to achieve online and offline combination of dual effects. Adhere to the premise of the traditional model, while enriching new weapons, the Internet model “normalized.”

NVC is actively building the O2O platform, allowing NVC to better develop into the Internet, but also ready to use O2O to integrate the sales system.

As one of the earliest “electric shock” lighting companies, the focus of Op lighting is now gradually shifted from the line line, “to the line of service transformation” is the new direction of the transformation of Op.

In the international and domestic economic environment, the wave of change from the property market is sweeping lighting lighting industry, as the protagonist of the wind and waves, lighting business beliefs and attitudes are important, challenges and opportunities coexist, this change is a protracted war, who can Have done thousands of sails standing in the industry’s high ground? Will be the courageous man.

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