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The characteristics of led high bay lamps: small size, long life, low power consumption

General family, the family gathered in the living room, the restaurant is a large light source lighting. A family in the big light under the shine of the joy of the scene, since the rapid growth of the economy since the symbol of the circle of signs. However, such a light source in the current new building has not popular. In the new building, the lighting is mostly buried in the building from the beginning, and each room has been set up a number of light sources, like a room with a number of light source is called “one room more lights”, which Kind of space as a whole seem simple and neat style has gradually become the mainstream of the decoration by the led high bay lamp shining living room. This trend may be further accelerated.

Now the led high bay lamp with the traditional fluorescent and incandescent, compared to the proliferation of light less. Therefore, compared to the dome of a room a lamp, it is more suitable for a multi-room lights, in addition, led high bay light source with small size, long life, low power consumption characteristics, especially suitable for complex light source.

Different types of led high bay lights cast light can be issued from infrared to ultraviolet light between different colors of light, but not white. People have made early red light led high bay lights, television, said the power to open the little red dot is the red light led high bay lights 4 late appeared in the blue and green light. These colored led high bay lamps can only be used to make light or color decorative landscape lights.

shop light fluorescent fixture

In order to create a white light for lighting, people in the blue light industrial lamp coated with phosphor, the blue light into white light. So that it became with the incandescent lamp, fluorescent light as white light source. This study of changing the color of industrial and led high bay lights, spent a full period of more than 30 years of scientific research personnel.

New buildings with complex light sources can be set up for the light through the TPO control system. For example, when a family gathers together to watch a wonderful movie, only the illuminated screen and the light source behind the TV can be used to create a home theater effect. When you want to quietly chat, the overall brightness of the room dimmed, the ground calm, these indoor atmosphere can be used to achieve a button.

led high bay mining lightr lamp can not only adjust the brightness, the future can also adjust the light color according to the season. In the winter to make people feel warm light, summer can try a variety of colors of light mode, in addition, in the restaurant, the light will make the daily dinner more delicious.

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