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The advantages of products to the limit

LED companies embrace a good time to be rational

After years of precipitation, Zhaoxin LED industry has been very well known, and the formation of the whole industry chain development. The industry is still good, the opportunity is still still, but only “rational” and “practical” business, in order to eventually embrace the company, the industry is still in the future, This “good times”.

Industry is still moving in the right direction

Over the past two years, by the macroeconomic downturn environment, the domestic enterprises to move forward more difficult, a large number of manufacturing enterprises collapse occurred frequently, the lighting industry is also true.

In the face of such an economic environment, Guangdong Zhaoxin Group General Manager Pan Mingjian that the development of the industry is still moving in the right direction: on the one hand, the industry thousands of non-competitive business failures, this is the “survival of the fittest,” the inevitable result, Win “down the enterprise is” opportunity “; In addition, despite the slowdown in the past two years the industry, but overall has always maintained growth.

“Are your products competitive? Are you providing services that are accepted? These are the key issues that enterprises must consider in the development process.” In Pan’s view, the key to enterprise development is to see its own position Good products and services, enhance their comprehensive competitiveness.

To this end, the face of more intense competition in the status quo, Zhaoxin LED resolutely adhere to the “courage to” development goals. After several years of development, Zhaoxin LED in the industry has gradually formed a certain customer base, has accumulated a certain brand reputation, and now developed it is “like a duck.”

Enterprise development need to adhere to the heart does not aggressive

For the outside world to evaluate the letter “mysterious”, “low-key” and so on, Pan Mingjian response, Zhao letter more desperately to do their own, focus on their own development.

“In recent years, Zhaoxin LED also took some detours, but the letter has always adhere to the heart, practical and not aggressive.” Pan Mingjian further introduction, the face of the advantages are not obvious or difficult to control the field, Zhao letter always adhere to the professional road.

It is understood that the letter has been adhere to the LED research and development of innovative products, refused to blindly aggressive. Faced with the low prices of other enterprises and the market behavior of many chaos, Zhao letter LED is particularly rational, insist on not blindly participate in low-cost competition, and always maintain product quality and strengthen their own advantages.

“For the faster development of enterprises, we are more of a role as a learning model, and its own development requirements are ‘continue to carry forward the good, improve bad’.” Pan Mingjian said, Zhao letter LED future will continue to strengthen their own Advantage.

Focus on the advantages of the field can be more competitive

According to reports, Zhaoxin LED with a few years time, adhere to innovation and breakthrough, innovation and development, the establishment of five major technology research and development center. The establishment of the five major R & D centers and the e-deployment of the optoelectronics industry have made it possible to create a vertical all-industry chain from semiconductor epitaxial equipment – epitaxial chips – packaging – lighting applications and energy efficient services.

Pan Mingjian said: “All along, Zhaoxin LED in the field of exploration of differentiated circulation, still stick to their own more advantageous areas of engineering by the economic impact of the environment, public enterprises generally reflect the field of engineering is not good, but at this time Zhao letter LED In the field of engineering advantages but more prominent, because the letter can be adjusted according to the needs of the project to adjust the demand, the overall operating costs lower.

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It is understood that the letter from the LED also tried more business, but also through some detours. In this regard, Pan Mingjian said that the channel model in the development of changes in the development of enterprises to find more suitable for their own channel model, to avoid blindly cut into, leading to “high tide” after the clear direction, Zhaoxin LED positioning for the field of engineering circulation, always adhere to the product To the extreme.

Do not blindly subvert the past

Earlier this year, Zhaoxin LED street lighting intelligent lighting system has covered Foshan Nanhai, Guicheng and other places many roads, and last year, Guangdong Zhaoxin Group also with Beijing Zhi Fiber Materials Technology Co., Ltd. work together, “Guangdong Zhi-fiber” project, the two sides will focus on resources, Jointly develop smart fiber new materials, and actively explore the national market, to achieve both win-win situation.

Pan Mingjian that Zhaoxin LED in the advantages of products, but also need to carry out a certain business extension, the enterprise in the development process of the time or to move forward, but not “ahead”, nor blind to subvert the past.

In Pan Mingjian view, now, the wisdom of urban construction has developed rapidly, and by the state and local government departments attach great importance to, but the “wisdom of lighting” more is only the concept of the actual operation of a lot of need to dock the problem. In addition, the wisdom of the city cost is high, large data in the hands of Internet companies, lighting companies in the appropriate nodes into them. Next, Zhaoxin LED will continue to force the market, try new models, focus on segmentation, and make full use of existing resources to the market well, bigger.

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