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Talking about the “Genesis” of COB Products of Jingke Electronics

With the low luminous efficiency, light failure, low reliability and technical problems one by one breakthrough, COB in 2017 after gradually enter the market, becoming the new darling of commercial lighting field. The mainstream packaging manufacturers to increase the intensity of the research and development of COB, the price is also the corresponding way down, COB’s cost advantage has become increasingly evident. Because COB’s light quality is much higher than a single high-power device, it quickly penetrated the commercial lighting application market after 2017 and became the mainstream solution for directional lighting, and COB was rapidly gaining popularity in the mid-power application market.

COB products sales accounted for about 30% of the overall light source in 2017, while the 2017 lighting COB (including ceramic package EMC package COB products) market size of $ 580 million.

Four generations of innovation keep up with market demand

After several years of price quo, COB prices gradually stabilized and nearly bottomed out, at the same time, with high profit margins flip COB, AC COB and other COB-based new packaging technology emerged and in the market to embrace the upsurge.

COB development so far, experienced a field of technological innovation: the normal current density COB to HD COB evolution; low light efficiency COB to high light efficiency, high light efficiency of the COB evolution; monochrome temperature COB to color temperature adjustable COB evolution ; DC drives COB to AC drive COB evolution.

As the leading brand of flip-chip LED electronic technology closely linked to the development of LED technology, has been at the forefront of technological innovation, combined with user needs continue to develop innovative COB light source products, and the first in the market to achieve mass production.

According to Jingke Electronics Manager He Guiping introduced, with the optimization of technology updates, in recent years, Crystal Electronics COB series of products experienced four generations of “change”: the first generation of COB, relatively large category, such as imitation CITIXXX, imitation BRIDXX, Ceramic-based flip-flop series COB; second-generation COB is to keep up with the trend of market development, increase the proportion of customized products, reduce the conventional series COB, mainly compatible with CITIXXX COB; third generation COB, improve current density HD COB; fourth generation COB, efficient breakthrough, launched a high light efficiency COB, Ra> 95 COB.

Among them, the ultra-high efficiency COB is the main product of Jingke Electronics, much users like. 26W ultra-high light efficiency COB, when the color temperature of 3000K ,, means to Ra80, in the Ts 85 ℃ test environment, the light efficiency is greater than 150lm W; color temperature of 5000K, was referred to as Ra70, in the test environment , Light efficiency can be raised to 165lm W or more, to innovate the domestic packaging manufacturers in this product data records.

This ultra-high efficiency COB more energy efficient, effectively reduce the cost of system design, can be applied to large supermarkets, clothing chain stores and other high-end business areas, street areas and automotive lighting field.

industrial lamp shades

Five prospects to grasp the COB wind direction

COB is mainly deep and detailed, customized routes to high-end commercial lighting applications, but with the high-power COB products and stable performance of COB supporting products mature, it has begun to penetrate into the field of outdoor lighting and industrial lighting, Such as mining lamps, street lamp market. As high-power LED and COB LED with no power in the product design advantages and high light intensity, will be able to enhance the high-end lighting market competitive advantage.

On the other hand, COB applied to automotive headlamps trend more and more obvious. He Guiping pointed out that COB in the field of automotive lighting advantages are mainly reflected in four areas: First, the vehicle COB package heat channel shorter, smaller thermal resistance, higher reliability; Second, because COB is integrated surface light source, so light uniform , No ghosting, to meet the needs of automotive lighting; Third, COB high optical density, penetrating ability, long distance by the object clear; Fourth, COB car headlamps more distant distance, so that drivers still driving at night Wider, more secure. It is understood that in the autumn of 2017 Canton Fair, Jingke Electronics heavy launch of the car with LED products in the industry caused no small response.

With the gradual penetration of COB in the field of lighting applications, its LED packaging technology in the mainstream of this increasingly prominent position, it is estimated that the size of the COB market in 2021 will exceed 700 million US dollars, 2017 to 2021 compound annual growth rate of about For 4%. But in the ever-changing technology era, the new lighting technology continues to emerge, opportunities and challenges with the future development of COB technology prospects?

He Guiping summed up the five development direction: First, COB products supporting resources, such as lenses, reflective cups and other supply chains continue to mature, select the program increased; COB as the preferred choice of light source lighting opportunities.

Second, from the statistics show that more than 20W COB demand in 2017 increased significantly, crystal 26W, 40W and above the COB share of power accounted for more than 50% of the total shipments, 2017 will continue to follow the trend The

Third, high-power COB light source reliability will be further enhanced, improved heat performance, thereby enhancing customer confidence in COB products.

Four, color rendering index> 90, or even> 95 COB, will have a larger application space, especially in the product segmentation areas, such as Ra> 95 COB can be used for museum lighting and other special applications.

Fifth, the light effect has been an endless pursuit of the pursuit of energy efficiency standards in Europe COB also continue to challenge the light efficiency. Nichia, Cree, Bridgelux and other international manufacturers have been constantly upgrading their COB products, light efficiency continues to climb high.

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