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Supply and demand balance can make LED led high bay lamp benign development

We all know that if a certain technology reaches a certain area, many people will think that since the technology is so mature, we are sitting on cutting-edge technology, you can save the cost of research and development of new technologies, so that the steady and healthy development of enterprises. In China’s LED industry occupies a pivotal position.

LED led high bay lamp technology innovation is endless, even to achieve a very perfect technology, but also open up the space. The so-called development has no space, referring to a particular direction in a particular area, or a specific application, may form a stagnation of technology.

For the LED industry, if only from the lighting point of view, there is still a lot of work can be done. Such as the efficiency of light and energy-saving issues, not this year will be able to solve the problem, not to mention there are many open up the application of the market. For example, light, we often say that visible light communication, is to use LED to do communication, this is a new field. So there is no technology to do the head.

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We need to oppose is that enterprises rush development, like the previous photovoltaic industry, and now the LED led high bay lamp is also somewhat similar, we feel that LED led high bay lamp is good, to go hard on the LED led high bay lamp project, which is very terrible thing. In fact, it should be concerned about how to be able to do their own characteristics, which is to our LED industrial and led high bay industry practitioners put forward higher requirements, of course, many people will say, is not a light bulb? Which there are so many new tricks? When you look at the toothbrush business is always able to introduce a variety of strange toothbrush, it shows that a simple thing is actually a lot of innovative content.

LED led high bay lamp is a new energy-saving lamps that replace traditional incandescent bulbs. Traditional incandescent (tungsten light) high energy consumption, short life, in a resource-constrained environment, has been gradually banned by the production of government, followed by alternative products are electronic energy-saving lamps, although the electronic energy-saving lamps to improve energy efficiency, Due to the use of a lot of pollution of the environment of heavy metal elements, but also contrary to the general trend of environmental protection. With the rapid development of LED technology LED lighting has become a new type of green lighting options. LED in the light principle, energy saving, environmental protection level are far superior to traditional lighting products.

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