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Shaoxing vigorously promote the transformation of LED lights energy-saving transformation of a 3000

Shaoxing City, Zhejiang Province is currently vigorously promoting LED lights energy-saving transformation. “The second half of last year to start the street lamp system LED transformation, the first phase of the transformation of nearly 3000 lights, running more than six months to save electricity nearly 1.5 million yuan.” Yesterday, Keqiao District Binhai Industrial Zone, the relevant person in charge pointed to the road on both sides of the new street lights Said that these lights using the most advanced semiconductor lighting technology, higher luminous efficiency, lower energy consumption.

Responsible for Keqiao District Binhai Industrial Zone (saddle town) street lamp system LED transformation is the State Grid Zhejiang Zhejiang Electric Energy Services Limited. The company responsible person told reporters that the coastal industrial area is Shaoxing first full implementation of the street lamp system using LED light source transformation of the region, Paojiang Economic and Technological Development Zone, Zhuji, Shangyu, Xinchang and other places of the renovation project is also in full swing.

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It is understood that the traditional street lamps are basically high pressure sodium lamp, although easy to light, but the energy consumption. Transformed into LED lights, not only the higher luminous efficiency, longer life, and energy saving. According to estimates, a 100-watt high-pressure sodium lamp lights or mining lamps, continuous use of 10 hours, consumption of 1 kWh; and produce the same illumination LED lights, continuous use of 10 hours, only 0.32 kWh, energy saving rate of 68%.

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