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Scale expansion and smart lighting neck and neck

“In recent years, Led high bay low light fixtures industry experienced explosive development, Led high bay low light fixtures companies, as always, the stability of the lighting requirements, but also from the product cost and competitiveness of the pressure on the driver IC, the future drive IC mainstream way Is more integrated, simplistic. “Ming microelectronics general manager Li Zhaohua said.

Indeed, with the LED linear program technology mature, as one of the core components of Led high bay low light fixtures , driver IC is entering a new round of product innovation cycle.

As the acronym IC (integrated circuit) means, the purpose of the driver IC is to integrate a variety of functions to reduce circuit size and reduce costs.

In fact, IC costs is the company and the company between the technical equivalence, not just the price problem, and now embodies more of the product value, rather than as before the blind replacement of product models. In Li Zhaohua view, “if the IC itself is guaranteed quality, can effectively control costs, scale and cost is not the main relationship, and scale is associated with product quality, if the quality problems, large-scale production will bring Serious impact. “

In other words, enterprises to achieve product standardization can be stable growth, so as to further promote the scale.

January 18, 2017, “to find the future of LED road” as the theme of the 2017 Engineering LED Annual Meeting and Golden Globe Award Ceremony will be held in Shenzhen, the annual meeting coincides with the high industrial research 10 anniversary celebration. In the opening ceremony of the theme of the “new field of vision for industrial integration”, Li Zhaohua will present the theme of “Led high bay low light fixtures New Chapter: Scale Expansion and Intelligent Lighting”.

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In terms of scale, as long as the standardization of the product there is the need for large-scale, the market must also be eliminated through the scale of non-competitive enterprises, only through the weak weak, so that the market to achieve a reasonable division of labor in order to enhance the manufacturing sector The overall efficiency.

According to Li Zhaohua, “the future of IC in some areas will continue to tend to standardization, such as bulb, downlight, lamp and other indoor lighting are easy to form a standardized product, is also a large-scale production of key objects, but in the smart Lighting, outdoor mining lamps, flat lights and other high – power lighting has not yet reached the standardization of the field.

Talking about intelligent lighting, have to say that has been very “controversial”. Some people think that smart lighting is only in the fried concept, some people think that intelligent lighting has begun to achieve landing.

“There is no doubt that towards intelligent Led high bay low light fixtures is the inevitable trend of future development, and to achieve intelligent, driver IC is the most important part of the industry chain.” Li Zhaohua said.

In fact, with the smart lighting market with smart home, smart city and other concepts continue to heat up, intelligent lighting driver IC has also been fried in full swing, which also directly promote the intelligent control with LED driver IC innovation and development.

As we all know, Led high bay low light fixtures market has just entered the popular stage, and even some places not popular. In this regard, Li Zhaohua that, nowadays intelligent lighting is still in the embryonic stage, and even said that still in the research stage.

According to the senior LED observation, intelligent lighting is mainly used in commercial lighting, such as hotels, supermarkets, shopping malls, etc., is expected in the second half of 2017 intelligent lighting will enter a good stage.

All in all, with the smart home, smart city, Internet of things and other technology development, intelligent lighting will be the development and popularization, and drive a new round of development design.

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