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Rational use of LED led high bay lamps

LED industrial lighting is now widely used in commercial lighting, it can create a colorful business space environment, with the progress can also show the characteristics of commercial space, consciously found the atmosphere and mood, increase the artistic environment. Here, I plant LED lights manufacturers and everyone to see, in the commercial lighting how to rational use of LED led high bay lamps.

Commercial space lighting is generally divided into natural lighting and artificial lighting two categories, natural lighting is mainly by the sunshine, but it is necessary to prevent direct sunlight, should use the North window sky. Because natural lighting is affected by climate change, time and other factors, and the strength of natural light is difficult to control the uniformity, therefore, commercial lighting, mainly to the main artificial lighting.

high bay warehouse

In business lighting, there are two main intentions, one is to identify the object, the second is to enhance the environment refers to the atmosphere, highlighting the lighting can give customers a completely different feeling, in the way of commercial lighting, the main points are the following:

1, direct lighting: light through the light injection, of which more than 90% of the luminous flux to the assumed operating surface of the lighting, play a proled high bay mining lightnt theme, contrast the effect of the product. Can use LED ceiling lamp, LED downlight, etc., installed in the high column must be spaced on the top surface, so that the light source directly produce the next light, illuminate the cylinder.

LED led high bay lamps in the use of commercial lighting

2, indirect lighting: through the reflected light for lighting, such as through the LED ceiling light bulb will be all the light shot to the ceiling, and reflected by the smallpox to the operating surface, through the light of such light processing, light energy consumption, low lighting , Can be used with other lighting.

LED led high bay lamp is the appearance of the selection of people now have the habit of bulb shape – spherical, the internal light source is selected LED chip. With all the strengths of LED lamps: 1, energy saving, environmental protection; 2, the use of long life; 3, no flicker, green.

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