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Material prices rose COB prices slow down to the customization, personalized market

Into this year, the various companies began to adjust the strategic layout, have fought in the high-end market and LED market segments. Among them, with the commercial lighting and industrial lighting needs of the rapid growth, with excellent performance of the performance of COB products demand is also growing rapidly, has become the industry’s organic meat and potatoes.

(GGII) data show that by 2017, COB Led high bay low light fixtures will account for about 15% of the output value in the field of commercial lighting has a large market. The COB after nearly six years of development, its own advantages are more and more prominent.

Of course, the greater the market space, the greater the competition, also faced with similar SMD device price war threat, then COB distance war will be far away? Take a look at how COB manufacturers say.

Material prices, COB prices difficult to fall

I believe we have also noted that the last two years, most packaging companies flocked to, coupled with the patch prices continue to fall, leading to rapid decline in COB prices. However, these are the laws of market development.

Jing Peng shares of technical director Dr. Shao Pengrui that since entering the 2017, the LED market in the direction of good development, with the Led high bay low light fixtures market penetration rate of rapid growth, COB market development will gradually become rational.

In fact, not only COB, now all kinds of LED devices are not much price space, or are low-profit sales, and even some companies at a loss of sales. “Under such conditions, the price of COB will not fall as much as it did in the previous two years,” said Yin Hui, deputy general manager of Spectrum Optoelectronics.

“At present, COB prices in the packaging market have bottomed out, and the price trend of COB prices has been slowed down in the third quarter as the major raw material manufacturers adjust their prices step by step,” said Wang Mengyuan, general manager of Zhonghao Optoelectronics.

In fact, since 2017 COB has gradually become a new demand point of the market, as of now, for six consecutive years the price has been down, from the initial loss of a few dollars per watt to the present per watt of a few cents.

According to Jing Electronics Vice President Song Dong introduced in the commonly used COB light source products, the proportion of each part of the share price followed by the chip, gold line, glue and stent, which accounted for light source cost of more than 50% Individual or even close to Qi Cheng. Therefore, the rapid decline in COB prices, largely depends on the chip price down.

After two years of price fighting, this year the COB market gradually become rational, and chips, phosphor, glue and other auxiliary materials prices have reached a relatively low of history. Next, COB price cuts have been very limited.

Indeed, this year’s market reversal, LED industry, “price increases” come and go, chips, packaging, display, raw materials prices rose over and over again.

In this regard, Hongli Optoelectronics Deputy General Manager Wang Gao Yang said, “because the upstream raw material prices have not much room for decline, so COB prices will not appear in a short time a more substantial change.

Manufacturers are highly competitive, market segments into focus

The market has been very cruel, and constantly refresh the bottom line of the price war has been a lot of packaging factory to exit, with the packaging of raw materials are facing the trend of price increases, COB prices decline trend will slow down.

According to Wang Mengyuan said, “As the market is highly competitive, the next packaging manufacturers will focus on the market segment in order to maintain product gross margin.

On the current market situation, the next few years COB prices will continue to decline, but the next COB price cuts have been very limited. In Song Dong’s view, “COB profits become increasingly meager, will force companies to upgrade the technology, resulting in performance premium, or the formation of a new value system, the light source smaller, higher light efficiency RTB will become the next market trend “

However, in the flip-chip COB production, most manufacturers on the sidelines. Song Dong analysis, mainly because the current supply of COB supply is not ripe, domestic enterprises are more to do the sample, the higher the rate of failure, temporarily unable to mass production. At the same time, the size is not uniform, processing needs, customer demand is not the same, but also lead to more difficult to increase production volume.

As we all know, COB has a natural advantage, that is, light quality is good, it is in the optical design effect of light color quality control has a greater advantage, but the industry is often overlooked this advantage, limited to light energy efficiency indicators.

Wang Gao Yang frankly, “the current COB light source technology more and more mature, the market has a stronger demand for COB light source, packaging manufacturers no longer stay in the initial technical solution stage, to the pursuit of high quality, high efficiency COB cost stage, High – quality, high – quality performance of the flip – chip gold – free packaging technology has become a new direction for COB light source.

high bay lights 400w vs cree high bay

Technology is mature, multi-domain applications

LED into the field of lighting, bulb, flat lamp, lamp and other general-purpose products have come to the relatively mature stage of technology, but COB is still increasing the proportion of the application stage, its market growth in the next two years There is a clear increase.

In the Song Dong view, “COB and small and medium power is significantly different, LED will be standardized, and COB on the contrary, will be to the custom, personalized market, the overall market will gradually increase the amount of course, this is the downstream The real demand for COB.

Performance every year, quarterly, every month to upgrade, while the price is declining, which is the common law of the semiconductor industry.

“As a COB vendor, through innovative and technological improvements, including the expansion of the scale to protect the advantages of product performance, but also need to define a more accurate quality of fit to meet the more grounded market price demand.” Wang Mengyuan mentioned, On, from the past business license, and gradually developed to outdoor lighting, lighting and special features of the application of the market.

At present, COB products in the downlight, spotlights, ceiling lamps, outdoor lighting applications are growing steadily, especially the tube lighting and outdoor lighting.

According to the relevant data show that the spotlight and other high-end business license shipments share of more than 35% for outdoor lighting (street lamps, mining lamps, cast light, etc.) COB shipments share of about 25%. The ceiling lamp due to the application of different characteristics, COB in use compared to the patch is not enough cost advantage.

“Compared with high-power LED, COB LED has product design advantages and high light efficiency, to enhance the competitive edge of high-end lighting market.” Song Dongru said.

“In short, the stability of the quality, ground gas prices, fast service response, and customers to deal with new technologies, new markets, the impact of the new competitive situation is the ability to meet the needs of the key elements.” Wang Mengyuan finally mentioned.

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