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Lights and high bay light fixturess embarrassing status and future conjecture

With the increasingly fierce market competition, LED market is growing, regardless of the domestic market or export market, the annual growth of more than 30%.

But many of my friends have said that business is getting harder and harder!

What is this?
I will be from a 20 years to engage in packaging application lighting power and other industries across the LED market, research and development, sales and other departments “outsider” and other angles (here “outsider” is not standing in a single point of view, Angle measure) gradually help you comb.

It is undeniable that the LED is an alternative light source, before the LED candle, steam lamp, incandescent lamp, CCF energy saving lamp, sodium lamp, ceramic metal halide lamp, sulfur lamp (see Figure 1). However, with the technological innovation and application, in the ever-changing and progressive lighting design and application, slowly determined some rules and habits.

200w led high bay vs ge led high bay lighting

For example, in the bridge and road lighting specifications and national standards and some of the formation of foreign lighting standards, have standardized some of the basic principles of LED design. To the Led high bay low light fixtures design provides a reference point.

To street lamps, for example, the design manual is widely cited is: sodium light source 150W, 250W, 400W, mainly used in different lighting environment.

In the street lamp and mining lamp design and construction often encounter some classmates, comrades, they different views and views, put forward here, if we do not agree also please do not laugh. Because we Chinese people in the implementation of learning, grow up to now because we are courageous, do not understand also dare to agree, but also dare. And teachers do not condemnation! Do not blame me for your soreness. I hope that after 20 years there is you in this industry.

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