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Light engine has become a trend in the future market can be expected

With the domestic LED industry chain competition continues to intensify, with a very high cost advantage of the light engine more and more by the lighting business of all ages.

High Industrial Research LED Research Institute (GGII) statistics show that in 2017 China’s LED light engine market, the rapid growth to 218 million yuan. GGII is expected in the next two years, the engine engine market growth will remain at 100% or more, by 2017 China’s light engine market will reach 2.832 billion yuan.

Light engine was first launched by Philips, OSRAM and other international lighting companies, and in 2017 the establishment of the LED industry cooperation organization – Zhaga International Union proposed to promote the standardization of lighting products, and thus achieve different manufacturers LED light source products interchangeability The

As we all know, before 2017, the application of light engine is not a lot, more also belong to a small range of application stage. For many Led high bay low light fixtures business, the light engine belongs to a “new thing”, whether it is product performance, or technical understanding is not particularly accurate. Many companies look at the light engine are holding a more cautious attitude.

“The light engine itself has many advantages, we need to slowly familiar with, need to have a process to adjust the understanding.Although the market has not yet formed so fast, but the trend has gradually formed.” Zhao Qing, vice president of Sony.

After entering 2017, more manufacturers have begun to get involved in the field of light engine, and the formation of a certain sales. Although the absolute value of sales is not large, but compared to the previous period, has been greatly improved, but also for the formal open market pave the way.

It is understood that the current domestic LED production of light engine is mainly used in LED downlight, spotlights, ceiling lamps and other indoor lighting field. In addition, in the field of outdoor lighting also has a small amount of application. With the indoor Led high bay low light fixtures market growth, LED light engine product applications will also be popular.

“At present, the light engine is the focus of the new light source layout of the object.Currently, in the street lamps, mining lamps, spotlights, downlights, panel lights and other fields have used, especially in street lamps and mining lamps, 2017 The application of the year accounted for more than 60% of the overall trend has been formed.It is expected that there will be several growth in 2017. “Zhao Kun told the senior LED.

More than Xinli light source, Smai, Zhonghao photoelectric packaging enterprises such as 2017 light engine sales are also considerable.

industrial ceiling light fixture

“According to the company’s several stable lighting customers, 2017 LED light engine sales reached 800W.2017 the first quarter of the TBD, sales at 200W, up 20% last year.” Smai marketing director Zhang Luhua said.

In fact, Smyr in 2017 in the LED light engine has a clear positioning, the early will continue to improve the integration of optoelectronic LED light engine in the high-end lighting market applications, will also use the existing packaging equipment, technology, Resources and other advantages of the development of AC-COB form of LED light engine.

Zhonghao photoelectric general manager Wang Mengyuan also said, “Since last year, Zhonghao photoelectric has been continuously optimize product performance, in order to improve the competitiveness of the product market to lay a solid foundation, the end of the first quarter, light engine sales last year, -3 times is expected in 2017 light engine will occupy the company ‘s overall product between 20% – 30%, and may even be higher.

There are many people in the industry that the domestic lighting market, the light engine penetration is not high, the market is not mature.

Zhang Luhua that the domestic LED light engine market is not yet mature, the general light engine can not be completely safe to meet the electrical performance requirements, so most companies use multi-zone voltage distribution to control costs, resulting in light engine performance And the price advantage is not obvious.

But not every enterprise can solve the existence of the optical engine strobe, overheating, voltage instability and other problems, which is the existence of a technical threshold, but also impede the light engine to improve market penetration of the stumbling block.

Zhao Kun said that the acceptance of a new thing is the need for a process, not technically advanced, you can immediately form the order and market penetration. But also need to experience business promotion, market research, product development, information feedback, product adjustment and a series of processes.

In fact, Sony’s light source is also doing this in accordance with this process. For the light engine stroboscopic problem, the use of afterglow control of rare earth phosphor and AC LED chip with the solution; for the heat and heat problems, material use, thermal management, radiator design and matching, cooling channel use and other aspects are influencing factors; For high pressure instability, Sony’s driver chip can also be a good solution, in a relatively wide voltage to ensure the output power and luminous flux stability.

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