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led high bay low bay fixtures lamp energy saving and then upgrade

Led high bay low light fixtures known as the heart of the drive power, in the LED promotion and rapid popularization process plays a very important role, its development is also changing with the lighting product demand. At present, cost-effective and intelligent lighting applications terminal is the biggest demand for this enterprise has launched light engine technology and intelligent power products.

At present, the light engine and intelligent has become the driving force of the two major trends. In particular, intelligent lighting, known as the next Led high bay low light fixtures “outlet”, will appear more humane, more energy efficient lighting form, to create a new light environment. Therefore, LED power technology must also follow this trend, towards higher energy efficiency, more light, and intelligent control of the direction of development.

Not only that, intelligent lighting huge market space will also promote the rapid development of intelligent drive power. According to the survey, 2017-2020, the smart lighting market to 17% annual growth rate in the accelerated expansion. By 2020, the smart lighting market is expected to exceed $ 8 billion, bringing huge market space for smart power.

Intelligent drive into a new outlet

Smart lighting in the background is generally optimistic about the background, the smart power supply enterprises to become a new market power point. At present, Kuo Shuo power, the British Feite, Ming Wei power, in the constant power of China and other well-known domestic power companies have launched a smart control, dimming color power products, and continue to increase market layout.

As early as 2017, Kuo Shuo power to SST technology as the core of intelligent lighting control system, so that LED lights to achieve secondary energy. As the main source of power supply LED drive power main business, Mao Shuo Electronics in 2017 officially launched the “four in one dimming” high reliability and high power LED street lamp drive power, and to achieve mass production. In the future development plan, Mao Shuo Electronics pointed out that the development of high value-added products, such as the direction of intelligent development, not just power supply, control, products to functional integration.

At this stage, intelligent class drive power products are becoming the main sales of Infineon products. In recent years, Infineon has launched the EUG, EUD, ESD and EUR intelligent programmable series of intelligent LED drive power to the market, mainly for LED lights, tunnel lights and mining applications, applicable to different countries and regions around the world. At the beginning of the year, Infineon around the smart, innovative, mainly introduced a series of intelligent new products and new technologies.

Ying Fei special vice president Zhang Huajian said that in the Internet age, intelligent door open, LED drive power field is also the direction of intelligent development. From the customer needs, suppliers pain points, coupled with the maturity of technology and so on, intelligent will be inevitable development trend. From the customer’s point of view, intelligent products can bring more value. Early power products do not have a unified standard, the customer needs are all kinds of production enterprises to do a lot of non-standard products, making the production costs of the enterprise is very high, to the customer’s product delivery period is also difficult to guarantee. After the intelligent, many different functions integrated in the power, you can avoid a small number of products produced by the hidden mode of production, customers get the product delivery period is also guaranteed, greatly reduced delivery period, for the production enterprises, The formation of economies of scale, the scale of production procurement, quality is more assured.

At the same time, in the constant sent Granville is also committed to the introduction of high-quality, intelligent products, to promote the development of the entire industry. In view of the popular demand for intelligent products on the market, the company has launched a high PLC program, Zigbee program, RS485 program, DALI program. Among them, the company developed according to market demand for two-way two-color temperature power supply, you can control the way through the dual channel to adjust the required color temperature.

Liu Weilang, general manager of the network in the general view, the intelligent LED drive will dominate the future development trend. He believes that LED intelligent lighting on the drive power of the three major requirements: to ensure energy saving effect, to extend the lamp life, easy management and maintenance.

The Zhuhai Leite Technology Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager Lei Jianqiang said that at this stage focus on intelligent control, smart power companies have been a big increase. “In the past, smart demand for smart control products grew steadily. With the rise of smart lighting and smart home, coupled with the rapid growth of the industry as a whole, the demand for intelligent control and intelligent power supply has changed greatly.

Intelligent streetlight boosts the development of smart power

Clearly, intelligence has become the industry trend of development, especially in the field of outdoor lighting. Now, the state vigorously promote the wisdom of the city, which intelligent street lighting has become an important breakthrough in the construction of the city, is also the first to open the smart power market vanguard.

According to the latest data released by the Ministry of Housing and Construction and the Ministry of Science and Technology, the number of pilot cities has reached 386, the “wisdom of the city” pilot 193, the next 10 years and wisdom of the city-related investment is expected to reach 2 trillion yuan, As one of the key ring of intelligent street lights will usher in a very important market opportunities.

Intelligent street lamp is the application of advanced, efficient and reliable power line carrier and wireless GPRS CDMA communication technology, to achieve remote control and management of street lamps. The system has the functions of automatically adjusting the brightness, remote lighting control, wireless network coverage, fault alarm, lighting and anti-theft, remote meter reading and so on according to the traffic flow, which can save the power resources greatly and enhance the public lighting management level, adopt the urban road intelligent lighting System, the operation and maintenance costs will be reduced by an average of 56%.

There is no doubt that from the perspective of secondary energy, intelligent LED lights is the best choice. National Bureau of Statistics data show that from 2004 to 2017, the number of urban road lighting from 1053,155,000 to 230,191,100, the urban road lighting industry to maintain rapid development trend. In addition, in recent years, China’s electricity consumption accounts for about 14% of the total electricity consumption. Among them, the road and landscape lighting power consumption accounts for about 38% of electricity consumption, becoming the largest electricity consumption in the field of lighting. LED replacement sodium lamp comprehensive energy efficiency can reach more than 50%. After intelligent transformation, the comprehensive energy saving rate of intelligent LED lights is expected to reach more than 70%.

Intelligent street light system not only completed the lighting function, but also provides a basic network, as a smart city sensor network of a bearer, can be connected to a variety of sensors on the market. In the future, with the popularity of intelligent lights to accelerate, as well as Internet of things, cloud computing and other new generation of information technology widely used, wireless WiFi, charging pile, data monitoring, environmental monitoring, light pole screen can rely on street lamps and intelligent control platform to achieve The

At present, in addition to some well-known foreign lighting giant, many domestic manufacturers have to create intelligent lights, but really able to achieve stable and reliable products, the price is acceptable business is not much. As the cost of intelligent LED power supply will be higher than the traditional power supply, how to reduce the cost of power manufacturers have to face the problem. Then with the gradual decline in prices, LED smart power products will gradually go to the mass market, tend to civilians.

To miniaturization, integrated development

commercial solar lights parking lots

In order to facilitate the lighting design and cooling, LED devices tend to miniaturization and highly integrated. Therefore, the lighting business, the power supply in addition to ensuring quality, the volume also needs to be more compact. Because the size of the power supply will determine the appearance of the lamp, structure and performance design, large power supply is not conducive to the design of lamps, lighting manufacturers to bring a lot of inconvenience.

At the same time, the trend of miniaturization LED industry chain manufacturers are also constantly optimize the product structure, improve the degree of integration. How to integrate dimming, temperature control, data acquisition and other additional functions to achieve two-way intelligence, and simplify the user operation.

At present, the street lamp power and lighting manufacturers need to improve the intelligent street lamp system integration and stability, integration of intelligent street lights required functional design. Next, the power supply can provide a variety of voltage output, easy access to other devices; can integrate control module to reduce system risk and cost; can integrate communication module, improve system integration and other issues are the power manufacturers need to explore the direction.

“At this stage the wisdom of street lighting technology has been standard, lighting, drive power, intelligent control system company’s co-operation has been very easy to provide solutions.” Zhang Huajian pointed out that the lighting manufacturers to integrate market demand, integrated power supply and control systems; power manufacturers need to improve Quality, to provide auxiliary equipment to provide power solutions; system manufacturers to integrate all the equipment together to provide complete control. All division of labor to optimize the system, to provide the best solution.

At present, the intelligent power supply market has been accelerating the development of LED lights, the next step is to commercial lighting and home lighting popularization. In the context of the Internet is not ripe, this also need a period of time, but the power companies need to do enough technology and patent reserves to wait for the market outbreak.

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