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LED light source affect LED lamp life factor:

(1) overheating stress failure: LED led high bay lamp, is due to the LED internal temperature is greater than its rated working value or due to the periodic changes in LED heat caused by LED failure;

(2) package failure: in the LED production or packaging process, due to the method is not correct or other causes of LED failure;

(3) over-electrical stress failure: LED is due to the transient over-current or withstand higher than the rated current value caused by the LED failure;

led low bay lights

(4) chip failure: LED chip itself is the defect or other factors cause chip failure. For the LED light source, according to its thermal performance analysis, LED power is only a small part of the conversion into light energy, and most of the energy to be converted into heat, research shows that the efficiency of energy conversion is only about 20% , And about 80% of the electricity is converted into heat.

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