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LED led high bay lamp with green features this

LED led high bay lamp as one of the main energy-saving emission reduction in the past few years ago, LED led high bay lights ushered in a new scene, and now the social green is very important, and happened to have this feature of LED led high bay lamp, so get The big expansion, together with the LED led high bay lamp will continue to optimize and intact, so very good to expand to all areas of society.

LED energy-saving lamps offer more valuable, compared to incandescent, a few LED offer may be and an incandescent offer is very much, and often each group of lights need to be on the 300 ~ 500 diodes.
Voltage: LED energy-saving lamps application of low-voltage power supply, the supply voltage between 6-24V, according to the different products, so it is a more secure power than the application of high-voltage power supply, especially suitable for a large crowd.

led shop work lights

During the response period: the response time of the incandescent lamp is milliseconds, and the response time of the LED energy saving lamp is nanoseconds. Performance: The energy consumption is 80% smaller than that of the incandescent lamp. Stability: 100,000 hours, the light failure is initial Of the 50%.

Suitability: too small, a unit LED small piece is 3-5mm square, so may be prepared into what kind of style of the device, and appropriate to the variable situation. Pollution on the situation: no non-benefit metal mercury.

Application life: In our lighting market, LED led high bay lamps are really good application of aluminum alloy material to the production of the lamp shell, aluminum alloy strength is relatively high, all aspects of the effect are relatively stable, so in the long The application will not change the appearance of deformation after the appearance of its appearance is through the high-voltage electrostatic spray solution, making the appearance of the lamp feel good, long service life.

Safe effect: thinking about the special application of the address of the lamp, we made in the production of LED led high bay lamp time, to take a kind of special explosion-proof structure design, and the use of tempered glass to produce lamp shade, add through the die-casting skills Of the production, making led led high bay lamp production of the effect of more stable, with a certain explosion-proof effect, the application is very convenient, high safety factor.

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