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LED led high bay lamp more humane

People in the city, facing the fast-paced day, many people are troubled by insomnia, looking for sleep and make every effort, according to the American Sleep Foundation, about 46% of people that sleep well. In order to improve the quality of people’s sleep, to create a kind of help people to sleep LED led high bay lamp, the LED led high bay lamp can be modeled on the sunset, gradually subsided, to bring people a good night sleep.

Help sleep in the LED led high bay lamp. This LED led high bay lamp built-in “midnight form”, just double the switch, the light bulb will be like the evening sunset, as in 37 minutes gradually subsided, like natural sunset, so that people find the natural body to sleep the rules, R & D company claims that this LED led high bay bulbs can make people relax, completely return to the natural feeling, is conducive to increase the sleep melatonin sub-Qin, and then improve the quality of sleep.

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In addition, the LED led high bay lamp also has a “luminous form”, will slowly darken, leaving only a small light, suitable for fear of black children can also be installed in some of the needs of micro-light corridor and other channels, the light bulb Also built a microprocessor, will not announce the blue light, the human body will not form damage.

And this section LED led high bay lamp has a general LED led high bay lamp some of the strengths, energy-saving use, long life, and has a new function to help sleep, both for lighting, but also help insomnia. Expect LED led high bay lamp manufacturers can quickly mass production, ahead of the interview, for the vast insomnia to bring the gospel.

Traditional incandescent (tungsten light) high energy consumption, short life, in the global environment under the serious environment, has been gradually suppressed by the production of national governments, along with the product is an electronic energy-saving lamps, electronic energy-saving lamps despite the increased energy efficiency , But because of the use of many polluting environment of heavy metal elements, but also contrary to the general trend of environmental protection. LED lighting with the high-speed LED lighting has gradually become a new type of green lighting is not the choice of two. LED in the light principle, energy saving, environmental protection level are far superior to traditional lighting products.

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