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LED led high bay lamp Features:

1.LED led high bay lamp using wafer 3030 package chip as a light source, the use of a unique multi-chip integrated single-mode light source design, selection of imported high-brightness semiconductor chip, with high thermal conductivity, light fades, light color pure, Shadow and other characteristics;

2.LED led high bay lamp unique cooling body design, and the perfect combination of electrical box, the effective conduction of heat diffusion, thereby reducing the temperature inside the lamp, effectively ensuring the light source and power life;

3. The surface of the radiator for anodic oxidation treatment, compact structure and beautiful;

4.LED led high bay lamp green pollution-free, lead-free, mercury and other pollution elements, the environment without any pollution;

workshop lighting led

5.LED led high bay lamp color is good, the physical color of the show more real, a variety of light color optional, to meet the needs of different environments, eliminating the traditional light color temperature is high or low caused by depressed mood, so that visual times A sense of comfort, improve people’s work efficiency;

6.LED led high bay lamp using constant current constant pressure control, for wide voltage, to overcome the ballast to generate power grid, noise pollution and caused by light instability, to avoid the work to the eye to bring the stimulation, fatigue;

7. Decorative effect is good, using a special surface treatment process, the appearance of new, easy to install, easy to disassemble, for a wide range.

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