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LED led high bay lamp energy-saving effect to further enhance

Today’s industrial and led high bay industry and the fiery anti-dumping photovoltaic industry have formed a situation of overcapacity, are too dependent on a single foreign market in the European market is too concentrated, must escape the “double” of the doom. “Double reverse” the result is a double lose, but the two sides of the party, certainly lose more. Our led high bay lighting to alert the lesson, to avoid the dust of the dust.

In fact, last year, China also launched a double anti-EU polysilicon investigation, but the amount involved is far less than the case compared to the photovoltaic case. Also believes that if the EU resolution to impose punitive tariffs, China will certainly counter. But can not be unprovoked, must be in the framework of the WTO to find evidence of damage to China’s industry, and good or the EU more dependent on the industry, the EU can produce enough big touches, in addition, this counter-measures can not be threatened To our own interests, to make our losses small.

Photovoltaic is the case, plywood, ceramics and other industries as well. The face of aggressive overseas market double anti tide, including photovoltaic, including domestic enterprises should reflect on why the dumping should be ruled?

150w led high bay cheaper pharma warehouse jobs

Accelerate the integration of the industry, including photovoltaic, shrink the size of the industry, and guide enterprises to develop more, including the domestic market, the BRIC market, including diversified market, the excess capacity dispersed to different regions, to avoid too concentrated, triggering dissatisfaction with each other The

But also through intensive development, improve industrial competitiveness, to the high value-added and high-tech areas into the field, open the competitive space, to avoid low-level repeated competition. At present, most of the drive lines are borrowed from the switching power supply, of course, there are very small lines are dedicated to the driving of led high bay lamps, but the effect is basically the same, because the led high bay lamps need DC drive, take constant current control, making the drive line Huge, can not be compared with the electronic transformer, and the efficiency is relatively low, to 80% to be considered good (single also not reach).

In addition, the manufacturers for the pursuit of applicability, claiming that a drive can take a dozen casually pick up, in fact, this is a misunderstanding, although the constant current, too high starting voltage will often die in the moment.

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