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LED led high bay lamp energy-saving effect to further enhance

According to statistics, the current LED led high bay lamp failure failure, about 70% of the power problem, about 20% of the line and structural problems, only less than 10% of the LED single tube itself quality problems.

So the power supply reliability and control circuit is the fundamental guarantee for LED lighting promotion. The choice of power management scheme is also important for energy efficiency, which requires the selection of the appropriate AC-DC drive in the drive circuit design. Common two-stage AC-DC drive power unit efficiency of 85%, if the efficiency of 90% constant current IC, the overall efficiency of only 77%.

200w led high bay brighter hamilton bay lighting

Assuming the luminous efficiency is 100lm / W LED tube, only the power efficiency problem makes the street light effect down to 77lm / W (not taking into account the secondary light distribution and other losses). High efficiency AC-DC driver power supply module can achieve 90% conversion efficiency, so the choice of efficient and reliable power supply is the key to energy saving semiconductor lighting.

Assuming high efficiency sodium lamp and LED led high bay lamp light efficiency is 100lm / W, due to the strong directional LED lights, in the same road illumination, you can save 50% of electricity (and incandescent compared to 80%), This feature has been known to everyone. However, some of the advantages of LED boilers are superior to those of high pressure sodium lamps, and have not attracted attention and use. For example, the controllable characteristics of brightness and the instantaneous starting characteristics of LED lamps have not been widely used. We use these features, through the control circuit can achieve time-sharing brightness control and when necessary to open, so you can achieve 50% of the energy-saving indicators, LED led high bay lamp to further enhance the energy-saving effect.

At night, according to the number of pedestrians and the specific conditions of the natural environment, we can control the different brightness of the LED lights during the time period, or directly shut down, the night when there are pedestrians or vehicles, through the sensor detection, such as infrared image detection, Street lights, delay 3 minutes after the closure, etc., to achieve further energy saving LED led high bay lamps.

Analysis of a variety of lighting, “luminous efficiency” can be seen, a variety of light source of light efficiency are constantly upgrading, which requires us to make full use of LED other features to enhance energy saving LED light source.

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