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LED in the field of industrial lighting applications

In recent years, China’s Led high bay low light fixtures market has been expanding, product manufacturing capacity and export volume has been ranked first in the world. With the accelerated elimination of incandescent, Led high bay low light fixtures penetration rate was significantly accelerated, the market early signs of the beginning, commercial, industrial lighting and public intelligent lighting has become the focus of the current application areas. And industrial electricity consumption has accounted for more than 70% of China’s total social electricity, energy-saving demand, LED industrial lighting space is huge. Then the LED application in the industrial field of confusion and foreground geometry?

How to do, how much to do, is to enter the industrial lighting market before the need to really consider the issue

China ‘s Industrial Lighting Application LED Market Status

With the Led high bay low light fixtures in the global lighting market mainstream status of the continuous improvement, Led high bay low light fixtures market share will rise sharply. In recent years, industrial plants and other construction area continued to increase, the demand for Led high bay low light fixtures application space gradually enlarged. From the McKinsey report pointed out that in 2017, industrial lighting penetration will reach 18% in 2020 will exceed 30%. And China’s industrial electricity consumption has accounted for more than 70% of the total electricity consumption, industrial demand for energy-saving strong, huge market space also makes China’s LED industrial lighting penetration is expected to further speed.

From the field of lighting applications, semiconductor lighting will be from the commercial, industrial applications to the civilian market transition, and in 2017 and the next two years, commercial, industrial, public lighting and other applications are still the mainstream market, enter the home lighting market also Takes time. From the technical point of view, light efficiency and cost reduction to become a dual-drive lighting market. According to the US DOE forecast, cool light devices in 2017 will reach 190lm W, an increase of 27% over 2017, the price will be 2 $ klm, compared with 2017 to reduce 67%, and 2017 warm white light device efficiency of 162lm W, up 43% from 2017 and the price will be 2.3 $ klm, down 70% from 2017. From the innovation point of view, technology, products, applications, business models and other innovations will go hand in hand, the future beyond the lighting will have attractive prospects, will create a photoelectron, microelectronics hand in hand in the new era. From China’s situation, Led high bay low light fixtures growth began to take shape, with the 2017 lighting market as a whole to pick up, the growth rate of decline, lighting market penetration or will speed. CSA predicts that by 2017, LED overall penetration will exceed 30%.

To overcome the industrial lighting need to step on the LED industrial lighting point

One point: precise market segment demand

Overall, the user’s demand for lighting is mainly focused on two points, that is, the senses can meet the needs of their visual operations, while in the right light environment to ensure good physical and mental condition. Research shows that the right light environment can improve productivity and efficiency, reduce the error rate, safety accidents and absenteeism. The LED green lighting is mainly in the user concerned about the point of action to create value for its help to improve productivity, reduce energy consumption, reduce operating expenses, while improving security and create better and more comfortable work space.

Industrial lighting is characterized by large changes in industrial space, from 2 meters, 3 meters low space to 10 meters, 20 meters or even 30 meters of large factories, these changes in the larger application space on the lighting made a completely different requirements. In addition, from the perspective of subdivision, industrial lighting can be divided into 15 major industries and fields, namely, electromechanical, electronics, textile chemical fiber, pharmaceutical, rubber, power, steel, paper pulping, food and beverage, glass, cement, Chemical oil, wood and furniture, etc., these different application environment for the choice of lighting products and the use of great differences.

How to better cut into the market segment, you can consider the relatively strong financial strength of the industry, with energy-saving emission reduction targets, as well as government support efforts of large industries and enterprises. Such as Led high bay low light fixtures , new energy, IT industry, automotive, consumer electronics, food, tobacco and other industries are larger market, while the government support efforts are also large areas, these are priority to cut into the industrial lighting market segments. For these complex market segments to do in-depth user needs analysis and channel analysis, is essential.

Point two: to better quality products to re-educate users, enhance the user experience

At present, with the continuous improvement of Led high bay low light fixtures technology and the sharp decline in costs, LED into the field of industrial lighting trends will be irreversible, but most of the field of industrial lighting customers believe that industrial lighting commonly used metal halide lamp and fluorescent lamp cost Higher, their willingness to switch to LED lamps is not too strong. Coupled with the previous two years the user on the factory used some Led high bay low light fixtures product feedback and experience is not too ideal, and life has not claimed so long, thus affecting the user’s comprehensive evaluation of LED products.

Therefore, if you want to further promote the Led high bay low light fixtures products into the field of industrial lighting, LED companies must be more quality products to re-educate users, enhance the user experience, so that users really feel the application of industrial lighting in the field of energy saving, environmental protection and other comprehensive price High Led high bay low light fixtures products, feel comfortable light environment at the same time, allowing users to experience the perfect supporting services, which is essential.

Led high bay low light fixtures in the form of innovative ideas, is definitely not a simple alternative, the current market products are mostly simple simulation of the traditional lighting and alternative, alternative way not only can not play the advantages of LED lamps, and may be due to differences in light , And cause a lot of improper use of optical and cause comfort problems. Therefore, enterprises must give full play to the basic characteristics of LED light source and advantages, design and application of higher value-added products.

Industrial lighting applications are confusing

1, relative to other lighting, the industrial lighting more emphasis on functionality, the technical requirements of the lighting requirements higher; the adaptability of the environment and visual effects require higher. In the lighting design, the most basic indicators are illumination, part of the industrial places of the illumination requirements. It can be seen, the industrial building illumination requirements range is very wide, from dozens, hundreds or even thousands of lux. The space is also complicated: the petrochemical, pharmaceutical industry reaction pot, pipe, processing enterprises raw materials yard and other space outdoor lighting; steel industry tall factory, electronic factory assembly workshop and other indoor lighting. Led high bay low light fixtures needs to be based on the above different illumination and space, choose a different light source power combination and lamp type. LED light source and lighting in the field of industrial lighting to have a larger, broader development space, but also the lighting industry technical staff assiduously, tackling tough, invented more, better and more practical, to meet all kinds of industrial lighting Applications in the field of LED lamps.

2, the field of industrial lighting is usually considered to be the last large area of ​​LED penetration of lighting applications, which is being used in lighting products have a great relationship. At present, industrial lighting applications (such as metal halide lamps, fluorescent lamps, etc.) is still relatively high cost, Led high bay low light fixtures products temporarily unable to replace the overwhelming advantage. Industrial lighting applications are large, there are some domestic companies focus on the field of traditional industrial lighting, to do more professional. There are many directions in the application of industrial lighting, from which places cut, how to do, do much, are expected to enter the market segment of the enterprise really want to consider the issue.

3, the factory lighting with LED replacement of the main problems are: 1. glare problem, the lower the plant glare problem more prominent. 2. The sense of space, the current factory lighting LED products are basically straight down the type, a lot of lamps with aluminum cover, because the LED surface brightness is high, so the top is basically black, so the bottom of the lamp and the top Of the bright and dark contrast is more obvious, the pressure is relatively heavy, the sense of space is not enough. 3. Now a lot of Led high bay low light fixtures products are used in a single tile way, in the factory lighting will produce a spot every spot, a large piece of particles together will actually produce a lot of light, see the object was photographed , For a long time in such a working environment, the human eye will feel uncomfortable. 4. Reflect the problem, because the LED direct light is particularly large, most of the work surface with metal material, a lot of light directly into the eyes, workers in this environment is very low comfort, so many people think LED lights installed in the factory very Comfortable, in fact, LED color rendering index compared to the sodium lamp is improved, and energy is also very obvious, but the entire working environment of the visual feel uncomfortable, which is in recent years, LED factory lighting did not do a good job.


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As we know, industrial lighting, although the lighting technology is not demanding, but the special needs of the application environment for lighting and light lamps have a variety of needs. Thus, when the huge industrial lighting market is subdivided, LED companies need to step on the LED industrial lighting point, according to the industrial lighting environment needs to provide accurate Led high bay low light fixtures products and supporting lighting solutions to quickly occupy the industrial lighting market. Second, the face of industrial lighting LED product cost relative to the lack of advantages of traditional lighting, LED enterprises in the large-scale production to improve product technology to reduce product prices, while more quality products to re-educate users, enhance the user experience, allowing users to truly feel applied to Industrial lighting in the field of energy saving, environmental protection and other comprehensive cost are higher Led high bay low light fixtures products, feel comfortable light environment at the same time, allowing users to experience the perfect supporting services.

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