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led high bay lamps will become the mainstream of the lighting industry

Industrial lighting and LED lighting market leading green energy-saving products in China, compared to the following several lighting understanding:

1: Technically speaking, led high bay lamps and LED lighting technology in different ways, but the product life, energy saving effect is not far away.

2: from the type of view, LED lights and led high bay lights have a division, due to single power LED lights, LED high power LED lights compared with the lights, the project can not be in the low power, direct lighting, landscape lighting display, led high bay lamp LED lights.
3: functional lighting, led high bay light source LED light source correlation has obvious advantages LED lighting field of functional lighting light efficiency is very low, light failure, and other bad cooling solutions, product defects. led high bay mining lightr Lamps This new light field features functional lighting with high light efficiency, light attenuation, instant start and other advantages.

300w led high bay better howard lighting high bay

4: from the technology is mature, leading to domestic product quality is not, most of the enterprise chip LED lights imported from abroad. Compared to the LED lights are subject to many foreign patents, lamp-related patent is firmly grasp the domestic enterprises, the current international market 90% of the industrial lamp manufacturing in China, led high bay lamp production technology has reached the international advanced level.

5: price, LED lights and led high bay lamps compared with traditional lighting, not cheap. LED lighting chip is mostly foreign technology, the price is not low. The price of the led high bay mining lightr’s lamp is slightly higher than that of the traditional fixture, but because it can use the energy contract management, the user can be zero, do not bear more risk, so favored by the users.

From the current market analysis, led high bay lamps and LED lighting is far less. LED lighting has become widely recognized as a new direction of the future development of light industry, the main lighting companies have invested heavily in LED lighting product development, LED lighting products in the market is also very rich. led high bay lamp market awareness and penetration rate is relatively low, only a small number of enterprises to invest in research and led high bay products, and led high bay lighting products, lighting products are very scarce, which seriously affected the application of led high bay lamps in the market and promote.

led high bay mining lightral lamps are now a great obstacle to the development or the popularity of the lamp market is not enough, many people understand the lamp is not a lot, so we in the electrodeless lamp promotion and brand training, increase its efforts to promote the application of lights in various fields. So in the future market, led high bay lamps will become the lighting project, become the mainstream of new energy-saving lighting!

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