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led high bay lamp is the essence of its essence – quality

LED led high bay lamp industry in recent years, the development can be described as in full swing, all walks of life no matter what the business of some enterprises simply transfer some of the money at all, want to put into the fiery industry, but the real after the victory And how many, who do not know, waiting for the market industry to test to wash sand, no matter how much the input of the enterprise, LED led high bay lights or to be classified as essential to the product —.

i beam led high bay

Speaking of mainland China’s ability, they have to admire the ability to imitate, no matter what kind of brand you, what kind of product, what kind of quality, as long as your product market ability, selling fire, I can Low prices to make you a cottage to, so have to admire, because they already exist in such a form, whether good or bad products, peer homogeneity of things too much, take the LED industry, Xiao Bian had visited the industry more concentrated town, a street down, the product is basically homogeneous very serious, come and go without too much change, peer out of the new product, you copy me, I copy him, such a cycle, the same product almost everywhere can find the same, and there are only some of the details of change, regardless of what the product industry, to have their own characteristics, LED industry should be the same, a prepared By the people look forward to and concerned about the new generation of lighting products, whether it is product or marketing model, to achieve differentiation in the next few years to develop the more and more strong.

LED led high bay lamp using LED as a light source, and LED light when the spectrum is not IR (infrared) components, and the overall structure of the professional design of the cooling structure, the normal working temperature is only 40-60 ℃, even if the use of large, Far less than ordinary light bulbs and energy-saving lamps produced by the temperature is low, if it is significantly reduced in the summer cooling equipment, the workload and time, combined with the use of power differences (1:10), the result is the relative reduction in power consumption And save the cost, and finally embodies the energy saving bulb.

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