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led high bay is Widely used in industrial lighting

No filament, no electrode is a great feature of led high bay lamps. Complete sets of led high bay lamps from high-frequency generators, couplings and bulbs are composed of three parts. It is coupled by electromagnetic induction to the high frequency generator, illuminated, the bulb generates ionization, and gas forms the plasma. The plasma excited atoms return to the ground state of the UV light. The lamp wall results from the ultraviolet excitation light to the luminous visible light. The lamp wall results from the ultraviolet excitation light to the luminous visible light.

Compared with incandescent, led high bay lamps can reach 75%. It has a high working frequency, it does not cause visual fatigue. Thank solid mercury, even if the broken will not cause environmental pollution, recovery rate of 99%, is a real green energy-saving light source.

As the fourth generation of light sources, high frequency and low frequency led high bay lamp two, the light principle is basically the same between the two main lies in the frequency of the level. Under the same power conditions, low-frequency led high bay lamps are more efficient than high-frequency led high bay lamps. If the shape of the high frequency led high bay lamp can be made into a spherical, cylindrical; low frequency electrodeless discharge lamp with a spherical, round, rectangular and low power screw. As the lamp did not filament, the led high bay mining lightr’s lamp had no electrode, and the behavior of the filament was not burned.

led high bay light china

The advantage of the led high bay lamp is the long service life. Is incandescent, halogen, 20 times more than doubled, so especially for difficult to replace the lighting site, there is a high demand for safety important place.

Such as tunnels, subway stations, floor halls, dangerous areas on the playground high ceilings. Can also be used in urban lighting floodlights, landscape lighting, can save a lot of replacement maintenance costs; luminous efficiency, energy saving and good color rendering index. Due to good three-color phosphor, electro-optical conversion efficiency, color rendering index is higher than 80, soft light, and will not be lost near the sun, low glare, color natural color illuminated objects; wide operating voltage, voltage 185V to 255V normal work. Instant start and restart times are less than 0.5 seconds.

Temperature range, in the minus 25 degrees of the environment can still start and work normally.

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