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LED explosion-proof lamp technology will become the main force of engineering lighting market

As in recent years, active Led high bay low light fixtures replacement needs and government-related subsidies to support, LED industrial lighting grew rapidly. A research institute’s “2017 Engineering Lighting Explosion-proof Lamp Market” research report pointed out that the global LED industrial lighting market in 2017 scale reached 2.292 billion US dollars, and more than 15% annual growth rate in 2020, the market size will reach 5.204 billion US dollars.

LED explosion-proof lights will become the main force of the lighting market

For industrial lighting applications, LED explosion-proof lamps are used to prevent igniting the surrounding explosive mixtures, such as explosive gases, dusty atmospheres, and gas gases. The specific measures taken by its lamps are widely used in electrical, dust flammable and explosive special working environment. According to Wu Yingjie, vice president of LEDinside research, thanks to the promotion of oil and related industries, explosion-proof lamps in the mining, petroleum, military, transportation and other industries occupy a large market position. 2017 due to replacement demand driven, LED explosion-proof lamp market prospects.

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LED explosion-proof lights have been used for many years, the enterprises in research and development also have more experience, to develop generation after generation of products, basically meet the requirements of the use of dangerous places. Wu Yingjie pointed out that LED explosion-proof lamp than the traditional explosion-proof lamp smaller, lighter weight, longer life, the price is more moderate, won the customer satisfaction. For the oil and petrochemical industry lighting sites, such as considering the overall quality of the project, safety performance, cost control and future mercury lamp abolition regulations, choose a mature LED explosion-proof lamp is the only way.

Explosion-proof lamp equipment protection standards depending on the environment area, due to the continuous expansion of international trade exchanges to IEC standards as the representative of the electrical explosion-proof technology in the world more and more applications. The use of electrical equipment in the United States, the installation must comply with the requirements of the US Electrical Regulations NEC 500 NEC 505, at the same time there will be authority (Authority Having Jurisdiction, AHJ) to the scene for audit. Other countries adopt IEC and NEC 500 NEC 505 as the benchmark, put forward the corresponding equipment protection standards, such as China using GB3836 national standards. Wu Yingjie said that due to different national standards plus product certification costs are high, only in the local set up factories to provide safe product installation, maintenance and after-sales service.

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