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Leading the world ceramic fluorescent LED lighting technology

High power LED light source was born in Fujian
June 21, Fujian Province Governor Yu Weiguo, executive vice governor Zhang Zhinan during the 6.18 show in the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Hercynian Institute of high-power LED products. Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Hercynian.

As the world’s most watched new generation of light source, LED because of its high brightness, low heat, long life, non-toxic, recyclable and other advantages, known as the most development of the 21st century Foreground green lighting source. Statistics show that: if China’s 50% of the light source for LED, will be able to achieve annual saving of 210 billion kwh, equivalent to 2.5 to build the Three Gorges Project. At the same time, its life, application flexibility, etc. also has unparalleled advantages, will become the future development of the direction of lighting.

At the end of the “14th China Strait project results fair”, the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS Institute of material structure) to bring high-power LED light source technology K-COB attracted many manufacturers envy of the eyes.

July 14, we came to the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Hercynian and Fujian Institute of material structure interview. “This high-power LED light source technology has become the biggest bright spot at the 6.18 show. At the recent Guangzhou International Lighting Fair, many Western manufacturers have shown that this technology has shown that the technology, Great interest to the majority of manufacturers have access to the information, the current world there is no fluorescent glue to create high – power LED light source technology.

According to reports, China’s current Led high bay low light fixtures core technology patents are all foreign enterprises, domestic LED manufacturers large-scale exports, can not break through the patent barriers. At the same time, due to the poor thermal conductivity of existing products, easy to aging, resulting in LED lights are prone to light failure and even dead lights. Due to the bottleneck of fluorescent adhesive materials, LED high-power lighting is difficult to heat management difficulties and packaging materials failure problems. Currently on the market can be stable and reliable use of fluorescent plastic packaging LED point light source can only do the highest power 200W. Therefore, although the LED in recent years, large-scale into the field of home lighting, but can not replace the square lighting, industrial lighting, port lighting and other traditional high-power metal halide lighting market.

Zhang Yunfeng said, COB technology, that is, LED chip directly attached to the high reflectivity of the mirror metal substrate on the high efficiency integrated surface light source technology, has become the LED packaging business battleground. K-COB used in the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of laser ceramics, its key performance over the advanced level of foreign advanced, it is known as “the king of ceramics,” said the best optical quality, highest performance, high hardness, corrosion resistance, High temperature and other characteristics, is the advanced technology in the advanced integration and representation.

It is understood that in the LED application, 70% of the power will become heat, only 30% of the power will become light, so for high-power LED light source, the heat is the most difficult to overcome the technical bottleneck. Currently on the market can be stable, reliable use of fluorescent packaging LED point light source of the highest power can only reach 200W. The high power LED light source developed by the Hercynian Research Institute has broken through the bottleneck of the application and has subverted the kilo-class COB technology limit to ultra high power + ultra high density, high luminous flux + small luminous surface, high power + small angle light distribution, high Reliability + cost-effective features to fill the kilowatt-class COB module market gaps, can achieve three years of zero light failure. Because of its stable performance, will be widely used in square lighting, large factories and mines lighting, port lighting, sports lighting, military aviation lighting, long-distance lighting and other fields.

Data show that in 2017 the global lighting market reached 166.13 billion US dollars, up 6.5% over 2017. China’s semiconductor lighting industry as a whole reached 424.5 billion yuan, an increase of 21% over 2017. Is expected within 5 years after 2017, continue to maintain a high growth status, LED market scale compound annual growth rate will remain at more than 30%. Haixi Institute of high power LED technology research and development, in the ceramic material sintering equipment, confidential formula, packaging technology, transparent fluorescent ceramic materials to replace fluorescent glue and other aspects of technology has been achieved, and has completely independent intellectual property rights and in the international Patent layout.

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From 2017 onwards, the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Fujian Provincial Association of enterprises and entrepreneurs together to set up a bridge in Fujian Branch Core Co., Ltd., as the only material structure of the LED technology transfer base and industrial platform, with a complete LED ceramic package Core Technology. In the core of the source of the Deputy General Manager and technical director Ye Shanghui introduced to transparent fluorescent ceramic packaging high-power LED lights instead of metal halide lamps, high pressure sodium lamps and other traditional lamps, has a positive economic efficiency and social benefits. He said that the use of high-power Led high bay low light fixtures products, electricity consumption and carbon emissions significantly reduced, the average saving rate of about 70%, the lamp daily maintenance costs are further reduced. To 300W transparent fluorescent ceramic package led high bay low bay fixtures lamp instead of 1000W metal halide lamp as an example: 1000W metal halide lamp about 2,000 yuan, the service life of about 1 year, LED lamp prices by 2 times the metal halide that is measured. Life is at least 5 years.

Such as the realization of the replacement point to 10 hours per day, 1 year to recover the cost, 5 years can save 12,000 degrees. China’s LED in the field of commercial home lighting and other areas of the use of more than 40%. But because the technical bottleneck can not break through, in the industrial lighting market LED utilization rate is only 16.2%, much lower than other lighting market. Ye Shanghui said that the company’s 600WCOB light source module has been used in Beijing to prepare for the 2018 Olympic training venues lighting, it can replace the 2000W power metal halide lamp. Ye Shanghui said that the company has a transparent fluorescent ceramic large-scale production capacity, began extensive cooperation with the traditional lighting manufacturers, Led high bay low light fixtures manufacturers and downstream manufacturers, through the upstream and downstream industry chain, to promote Led high bay low light fixtures into a series of new areas. Based on the existing research results, Fujian Zhongke core source this year will also introduce more than 1000W super high power LED light source, led the LED industry in the high power density light source package changes and promote China’s Led high bay low light fixtures industry by leaps and bounds, Power Led high bay low light fixtures industry’s core competitiveness and international market share.

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