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Innovative high bay light fixtures power performance to achieve on-line or off-line parameters

In recent years, government support for energy-saving emission reduction accelerated the process of Led high bay low light fixtures replacement, LED industrial lighting market which is developing rapidly, according to the latest research report pointed out that the global LED industrial lighting market size is more than 15% annual growth rate is expected to 2020 The annual market size will reach 5.204 billion US dollars (about 34.086 billion yuan).

And as the main force of industrial lighting mining market potential is huge, according to research reports show that LED industrial lamp market is expected to reach more than 4 times the total LED lights. (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd. early layout led high bay low bay fixtures lamp market, once again this year to subvert the industry’s existing product design concept, a strong introduction of circular led high bay low bay fixtures lamp drive power EUR series. Aladdin News Center reporter recently in the British Feite in front of the International Hotel in Shenzhen held a new conference interview with the British Infote Deputy General Manager Zhang Hua Jian, to understand the unique charm of this series of new products.

Breakthrough: Realize on-line or off-line adjustment of power supply parameters

According to Zhang Huajian introduced, EUR series of intelligent mining lamp power, the biggest bright spot is to achieve online or offline parameter adjustment, that can be adjusted by software or hardware real-time power supply internal parameter settings. Currently on the market mainstream round mining lamp power, the enterprise must be pre-adjusted to adjust its power, the current and then assembled, assembled can not be adjusted after the power settings, but the EUR series of new products in the whole lamp assembly can adjust the power at any time, Adding the flexibility of the product, thus improving the production efficiency of downstream customers.

In addition EUR series products with high efficiency and good thermal performance. As we all know, the life of the power depends mainly on the heat is good or bad, by improving the efficiency of power to reduce its loss, the same can improve its life. “EUR series of new products in the efficiency of up to 93%, are industry-leading.” Zhang Huajian said.

Zhang Huajian said that this series of products will be synchronized in the global promotion, “through the exhibition publicity, strategic customer promotion, channel construction and other market expansion, I believe the new products will quickly enter the large – scale application.

In Zhang Huajian view, although the indoor smart lighting market is very hot, but from the industrial point of view, did not reach the outbreak of the stage. In the field of outdoor lighting, the state is vigorously advocating the wisdom of the city, the wisdom of the market demand for street lighting increased, the outdoor high-power lighting market followed the outbreak, Infineon launched several series of intelligent LED driver products, sought after by the customer, the domestic market Has achieved a higher share and rising.

On the other hand, the traditional LED drive power technology limitations also contributed to the acceleration of the pace of power, “LED power companies and lighting companies have a common pain point is: LED power supply is constant current source products, LED chip development at this stage soon, The introduction of each generation of chips, driven by the change, so the power product type is particularly large, it is difficult to form a batch of production scale, can not do inventory, the market reaction speed is slow. “Zhang Huajian said, , EBD series of intelligent products, a variety of control functions integrated in the power supply, through the software set flexible solution to the customer’s pain points to meet customer needs.

At the same time, Infineon Power is compatible with the mainstream outdoor intelligent control system, and intelligent control companies to lead the industry trend. In addition to meet the requirements of the European ERP, that is able to match with the control system manufacturers to achieve the entire power supply standby power consumption is less than 0.5W.

Adhere to: quality is the lifeline of the enterprise

Traditional LED power industry product prices are close to transparent, down space is limited, but the cost of power costs accounted for the proportion of lighting costs are increasing year by year, reducing the price of power is a product development focus. But many companies in reducing product costs at the same time sacrifice product quality, resulting in cluttering market products.

“With the amount of growth, price competition will become increasingly fierce, the market price decline is an inevitable trend in the power companies, the price pressure is the end customer to the lighting customers, and then delivered to the power company, any business can not be avoided “Zhang Huajing frankly LED driver business as in the rope on the dance, because compared to the manufacturing industry’s low net profit, the quality of the cost of failure is very high, the enterprise will soon be accidentally eliminated.

In this regard, Zhang Huajing stressed that the quality of the enterprise is the lifeline, enterprises should adhere to the bottom line, the decline in business costs can not sacrifice product quality as a price, quality problems will be more harm than good.

“Enterprises can enhance the scale through the strengthening of cooperation between manufacturers, technology upgrades, etc. to resolve the cost of pressure.” Zhang Huajing said Infineon in the R & D investment is huge, “the company trained a strong R & D team, through continuous optimization of technology research and development Product structure, to provide customers with more cost – effective products to meet the price competition.

In the fierce price dispute, with the cost advantage of the linear IC program in recent years in the industry was respected, the second half of last year began by the linear IC extension of the photoelectric engine technology increased significantly, it was pointed out that the advantages of light engine used in industrial and mining lights obvious. In this regard, Zhang Huajian bluntly, linear IC is currently widely used in the field of indoor lighting, but it has a natural field in the outdoor limitations, weak protection, applied in the outdoor, high-power field is not suitable for mining products are also part of Is outdoors or outdoors. On the other hand, linear IC in the high-power aspects of power products, there are many indicators difficult to meet the standard requirements, such as PF, harmonic current constraints, as well as strobe, power grid pollution, outdoor grid quality and other issues, Rules to meet most of the customer requirements, so in domestic and foreign markets will be blocked in high-power applications.

“Linear IC has a cost advantage, but this is not necessarily the street lamp, the main needs of mining lamps.” Zhang Huajing that the current mainstream or switch-type isolation current drive.

“The future of high-end power companies will be numbered”

200w led high bay better lithonia commercial lighting

Last year, power companies still can not sweep the “income does not increase profits,” the haze, but Infineon in the fierce competition which still maintained a good revenue and growth rate, “enterprises need to continue to introduce new, in order to have a foothold.” Say.

2017 industry to enter the big reshuffle, integration accelerated, Zhang Huajing frankly 2017 integration will continue, the future of high-end power market will only leave a small number of enterprises, overseas markets will be less, because the product in addition to cost-effective, but also need Protection of intellectual property rights. “Infineon has made a lot of investment in intellectual property, in the global layout of the patent, so the product has been in the world 50 countries and regions.

In Zhang Huajian view, the future indoor and outdoor LED market space capacity is still great, with quality assurance, independent intellectual property rights of enterprises, will grow with the expansion of market capacity. Although the profit margins will not increase simultaneously, but the market capacity is large enough, in the sales scale on the basis of the increase in profits can also be expected. “Industry continued in the integration, the strong Hengqiang, the weak weaker, for the strong, the development of the market will drive the enterprise leap, and the weak, or at any time by the flood repulsed.

Asked the future of the integration of M & A planning, Zhang Hua Jian said Infineon has not entered the other areas or mergers and acquisitions plan. “Infineon will still focus on the LED driver to do the main industry to do wide and deep, continue in the existing advantages of the market launch of differentiated, competitive products, there is no other ideas.

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