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Industrial LED lighting market can be expected to see the application of light source scene

With the continuous improvement of technology maturity, in recent years, LED light source in the field of global lighting penetration has been a considerable degree of increase in the application of the scene, such as home lighting, automotive electronics and street lamps, etc., are LED light source has Entered and developed for some time. But like industrial applications, we did not hear too much about the news.

Industrial Led high bay low light fixtures market can be expected to see the application of light source scene

Infineon Power Management and diversified electronics business senior marketing manager Zhang Wengui

Infineon Power Management and diversified electronics business manager Zhang Wengui said that industrial Led high bay low light fixtures for Taiwan, it is still more unfamiliar, on the grounds that the Taiwan industry for Led high bay low light fixtures or heavy weight of the terminal applications, and industrial areas required Led high bay low light fixtures and no large number of demand, in addition, subdivision point of view, different application scenarios, the required requirements of the LED light source are not the same. Zhang Wengui further talked about the application of the scene, can be divided into heavy industry, electronics factory, food factory or outdoor chimney warning lights, such as food factory Led high bay low light fixtures , waterproof capacity will be special requirements, In the food needs high pressure water column washing, Led high bay low light fixtures in the body design, we must pay special attention. In addition, such as the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) also for the chimney warning lights warning lights related lighting.

Zhang Wengui also to North America Super Cup, for example, because the original light source using HID lights, but because of the closure, can not immediately restore its illumination, but change mining LED light source, you can immediately solve. So the stadium last year to change the LED light source, the other like supermarkets, shipyards, warehousing, etc., in the North American market have been using LED, so the development of a very fast, only its product quality has a higher demand, life time at least To one hundred thousand hours.

Infineon’s point of view, Infineon, after all, only the semiconductor component suppliers, for the organization or lighting-related design, and can not intervene in these areas, only on the power size, whether dimming, LED light source matrix And electronic control and other fields to play.

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Zhang Wengui pointed out that, in general, the industrial power supply AC voltage, the input range can be roughly divided into two categories, one 120V to 277V, followed by 340V to 480V, the latter mostly in the United States and Canada, mostly in the region, and have a considerable Large proportion. While Europe also has its own AC input range, 220 to 240V. In terms of surge voltage level, 120V to 277V, the pressure standard is 4000V, 340V to 480V was 10,000V, usually the latter will be installed SPD (Surge Protection Device; surge protector), To absorb the sudden pole energy. Of course, Infineon itself in the circuit design will have a protective mechanism, but still passive component support, to form a perfect circuit protection design.

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