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Industrial lamps and lanterns energy saving and environmental protection, long life

led high bay lamps, energy-saving lamps have been played in the lighting of a very important role, energy saving, green lighting is the choice. In the purchase of led high bay lamps, energy-saving lamps must not blindly choose, must be based on the actual situation and understand the performance of the lamp after considering the purchase of their own. To buy the appropriate should be considered from the following points:

1. Power of led high bay mining lightr’s lamp and energy-saving lamp: power deterled high bay mining lights the brightness and power consumption. Since we use energy-saving environmental protection lamps, then we can not choose high-power lamps. Should choose the right one.

That is: the power of the selected lamp just to meet the lighting needs of the brightness. Which we have to deterled high bay mining light before the purchase of a good lighting area, brightness requirements and the need for industrial and led high bay lamps, the number of energy-saving lamps (lighting is not dead is the use of multi-place installation of lamps). In general, it is difficult for the client department to estimate what kind of choice is appropriate. I would like to ask you to buy before you can consult our company. Recommended: home lighting can use energy-saving lamps, and commercial lighting need to buy led high bay lamps.

2. Quality of led high bay lamps and energy saving lamps: Quality is an important consideration. If it is a large lighting or installation of a certain degree of difficulty of the lamps and lanterns, the purchase of poor quality products, the maintenance of the difficulty is completely unthinkable, it will be the company suffered an immeasurable loss. And deterled high bay mining light its quality is good or bad is the production of led high bay lamps and energy-saving lamps manufacturers quality supervision is strict.

commercial warehouse led lighting

This year, China’s fog more and more serious, most of our cities in winter by the haze of the invasion. The origin of haze is the result of human pollution to the environment. Now China vigorously promote energy-saving lamps, led high bay lamps, and asked to ban incandescent. Then we know whether energy-saving lamps, led high bay lamps in the end to save much electricity?

Here we use household energy-saving lamps for example to calculate: energy-saving lamps power consumption is only 70% of ordinary energy-saving lamps, it is 15% of traditional incandescent. 3w energy-saving light bulbs, for example, a year to save nearly 35 yuan electricity, up to 15 years of life, a total of 520 yuan savings.

If the family 10 lights, you can save 350 yuan. High-power led high bay lamps are more energy efficient. Which can be calculated if all of our lighting are using energy-saving lamps, led high bay lights in the case, every year we can save much energy? How many thermal power stations can be reduced? Can reduce the number of CO2 emissions and other emissions?

So to remind the masses of people and enterprises will be the original lighting are replaced by energy-saving lamps, led high bay lamps for the country’s energy-saving emission reduction and make due contributions. To make our due contribution to improving the environment in which we live together.

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