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Industrial lamp manufacturers, professional and technical support long-term stable supply

Professional and technical support long-term stable supply. LED led high bay lamp is a very important industrial lighting, its installation flexible, strong illumination, wide range of illumination, by many manufacturers love, the main installation of led high bay lamps are: sidewall, hanging, mobile Three categories.

Side wall installation: the side wall of the led high bay lamp installation, mainly for some light industrial plants, such factories are relatively low, the work of light, relatively high degree of control requirements, are fine industrial lighting, so to use sidewall installation , The advantage of this installation is to save energy, with minimal illumination to achieve the maximum lighting requirements.

Suspension Installation: Work led led high bay lamp led high bay mining lightr’slamp hanging installation is mainly applied to heavy machinery production workshop lighting, such workshop lighting, the height of the plant is very high, requiring a wide range of lighting, and the control requirements are not very high, and fine lighting The difference is large, so suitable for hanging installation.

meaning of warehouses

Mobile: led high bay lamp in the mobile application is very special, this type of led high bay lamp is mainly used in outdoor lighting environment, due to outdoor lighting, especially in some very harsh environment, the power input is very difficult, and Mobile led high bay lamps can make up for this deficiency, in this environment, to achieve the desired lighting requirements.

LED chip
Some low-cost LED led high bay lamp, using some irregular packaging LED chip, easy to tile number, and prone to deterioration, poor heat dissipation, resulting in the whole light is not enough, the chip seal is easy to break, the chip aging speed and so on. It is conceivable that the life of the finished lamp is greatly reduced. Also affect the health of the eyes! Domestic packaging LED lamp chip blossom everywhere, resulting in LED chip quality varies greatly. The good LED chip, on behalf of a good cooling, there is sufficient light lumen, a high-tech package, so the chip can work long, reduce the speed of aging.
3, LED power supply

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