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In the lighting society, led high bay lamps play an important role

In some large area of ​​the venue lighting, led high bay lamps play an important role, because it has a strong power support, so for these large areas of the site to provide adequate lighting. But in the early installation, is the need to buy led high bay lamps, in the purchase of led high bay lamps, the need to consider the following factors from the following factors.

1, color temperature. In the general large-scale venues, the temperature requirements of the led high bay lamp is not too high, you can use cool, you can also use warm, this can be selected according to their own preferences.

2, brightness. This should be a good understanding of the lighting used in large venues, it is certainly the brighter the better, so as to provide a large area of ​​lighting, while the brightness is enough at the same time, try to select the power of led high bay lamps, etc., so long can save a pen A lot of money.

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3, color rendering index. CRI, color index of the English abbreviation. It is not very great on it? Practice is very simple, that is used to show the color of the light source. Because in some occasions when used, or need a certain color set off, so the color rendering index is based on the actual use of the occasion to choose.

The led high bay mining lightr’s lamp is a kind of lamp which is composed of a lamp cover and a radiator which extends into the lamp cover. The inside of the shell is provided with a glass panel, and a sealing ring is arranged between the side of the glass panel and the inner wall of the shell.

The lamp and the lampshade of the lamp are not connected together. Do not lock with the screw. Just open the lock and turn the radiator to open the whole shell. The maintenance and assembly are very convenient. While the led high bay lamp in the use of the following special

1, built-in high-performance led high bay lamps for power, AC100 ~ 240V input, efficiency> 87%, PFC> 97%, constant voltage constant current control, over voltage, overload, over current protection,
2, start speed of 1-3 seconds, no flicker, anti-interference, mercury and other harmful substances, energy saving green lamps;
3, the use of wafer, Puri multi-chip integrated package light source, with high luminous efficiency, high color rendering index, light fades and other characteristics;
4, high thermal conductivity aluminum radiator, aluminum electrical box, good heat dissipation, high strength, IP62 protection level; small reflective cup condenser, large reflector to collect light to achieve the desired light effect.

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