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How to avoid LED lighting into the photovoltaic calendar

As the LED overcapacity, led to the melee price war, the price is uneven, and dealers and traders in the price and quality between the hovering around. How to avoid LED lighting into the photovoltaic dust? Industrial transformation can really save it? This year may be the domestic LED lighting industry more dynamic year, there have been many events, some cases have been pushed to the industry cusp. A wave of enterprises to enter the LED industry did not make money or even collapse of the phenomenon occurs from time to time, resulting in a small turn off the tide. The prospects are extremely optimistic about all walks of life LED lighting industry, its vitality is so fragile it?

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I plant that the reasons for the occurrence of many aspects, its summed up, nothing more than with the artificial, raw materials and other costs, LED led high bay lights face no small cost pressure; again in the past two years the domestic lighting industry, especially the LED industry structural Investment overcapacity, for much better, so there is no core advantage of the LED lighting business, the collapse will be inevitable. Here we analyze these two types of problems in detail:

Cost pressures to enhance, homogeneous low prices of poor competition. At present, some countries as a 40-watt incandescent lamp replacement LED industrial lamp prices have been less than 10.00 US dollars limit. At the same time the data show that last year exports 1.2 meters LED led high bay lamp lamp price of about 180 yuan, this year the external price is only 100 yuan, the company’s gross profit will remain at 20% -30%. Which for LED led high bay lamps and other LED lighting products, core technology and sales capabilities do not have the advantage of small and medium enterprises, no doubt brought great cost pressures and survival pressure.

Excess capacity, the consumer market has not pulled up

I plant that, LED lighting companies do not have to worry too much. This is the transition period of LED industry, of course, we only strictly control the quality of products, promote business model innovation, expand the consumer market, enhance industrial concentration, technological innovation and regional brand, LED lighting industry can survive this period , In order to LED lighting in the golden age, the expansion of the brand’s influence.

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