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High-efficiency ceramic packaging technology and application of product promotion “project through acceptance

November 8, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Fujian Institute of Material Structure led by the Chinese Academy of Sciences “bright plan” topic “high-efficiency ceramic packaging technology and application of product promotion” through the “bright plan” project team of experts acceptance.

The project for the development of high-power semiconductor lighting industry needs to break through the high thermal conductivity, high visible light through the fluorescent ceramic industrial production technology and high efficiency COB ceramic packaging technology to effectively solve the high power Led high bay low light fixtures light source life is short, light color drift large and reliable And other industrial applications bottlenecks, the relevant technical achievements have been transferred to the transformation, in high-power mining lamps, 360-degree light source, pluggable lamps and other aspects of the application and promotion, of which 200W LED lamps have been in Shenyang Railway Bureau Changchun Electric To achieve the results of the application, some products have been sold abroad, with good prospects for industrial applications.

During the implementation of the project has applied for 8 patents in China, which authorized the invention of five patents, utility model 1, published three papers. Training Dr. 4, master 2, for the cooperative enterprise training personnel 20 people.

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In recent years, Fujian, where the semiconductor lighting industry strategic emerging industries, to develop a leading international level of transparent ceramic packaging white LED MCOB overall packaging technology, technological achievements to cultivate the international first large-scale production instead of traditional LED phosphor Transparent ceramic phosphor and light source of high-tech enterprises in the international community for the first time to achieve 1000W semiconductor lighting package light source module for the LED green lighting into the industrial lighting, outdoor lighting, the characteristics of traditional high power lighting market provides a good foundation, To improve China’s Led high bay low light fixtures products, the international core competitiveness and promote the healthy and sustainable development of the industry will play an important technical support role.

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