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Hangzhou local LED into Hangzhou subway

It is reported that the supply of the Hangzhou subway station: Xianghu station, Bin Kang Road Station, Xixing station, etc .; supply amount of nearly 100 million yuan; products are LED stent lights, LED film lights, led high bay low bay fixtures lights, LED emergency lights and so on. This also accelerates the pace of wanban layout 2017 Led high bay low light fixtures industry strategy.

“We hope to allow customers to better experience high-tech, energy efficient, comfortable and humane light environment.” Wanban president Wang Micheng said that this is wanbanLed high bay low light fixtures products have been pursuing the goal. In order to achieve this goal, wanban company to break the routine, the intelligent control system and Led high bay low light fixtures products to creatively integrate, forming a wanbanLED product unique advantages.

In 2017, the China Development and Reform Commission issued the “on the prohibition of the import and sale of ordinary lighting incandescent notice”, made it clear that from October 1, 2017 onwards, in accordance with the power of the size of the phased and gradually prohibit the import and sale of ordinary lighting incandescent. As the mainland LED pioneer, in 2017, wanbanLED a market, they attracted countless eyes and sought after. Only half a year, the order flocked to. “Three years 5 billion” is wanbanLED sales target, which, Wang Mi Cheng is full of confidence: “wanban sales behind the addition of a zero, have to rely on LED. This will be our business transformation in the bright spot.

300w led high bay as led shop lights menards

In the wanban business department leader Sun Quanming view, LED industry layout is moving towards wanban’s strategic planning direction of steady development. According to the plan, 2017 will be Hongyan electrical appliances in the LED industry on the foothold of the year. “With the rapid start of the mainland Led high bay low light fixtures , wanban developed a” corner overtaking “strategy, timely cut into the field of Led high bay low light fixtures .” He said, wanban in the field of LED step by step, it is the transformation of their own business process. “” First upgrade and then transition “is wanban take the unconventional transformation of the road.wanban through technological innovation to transform traditional industries, to achieve industrial upgrading, is committed to LED intelligent lighting solutions, office and home intelligent solutions to become industry integration Supply leader, intelligent and energy – saving Habitat, the driver of the office environment.

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