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Giant Pioneers Philips compete for intelligent lighting in the blue ocean

Clever Rio in this Olympic Games full use of the magic of light, not only the opening and closing ceremony into the high-tech lighting elements, through the dazzling lighting to create fantastic scene, beautiful, and the entire city during the Olympic lighting also makes the world’s tourists Praised endlessly.

Philips Lighting is proud to be one of the manufacturers of the carnival of Rio de Janeiro in the summer because of the fact that the four major public lighting renovation projects offered by the Urban Infrastructure Improvement Program during the major sporting events in Rio de Janeiro have passed the test of practice again Proved the strength of a veteran enterprise.

Old giants have to protect the throne

“In 2017, the Philips Group made a big decision to make a big group company into two companies focused on their respective fields, so after more than a year of operation, May 27 this year, Philips to lighting Business spin-off and listed on the Amsterdam Stock Exchange in the Netherlands. “Wang Yun, president of Philips Lighting Greater China, told reporters.

Philips Lighting is headquartered in the Netherlands, with sales of 7.5 billion euros in 2017 and approximately 36,000 employees in more than 70 countries, with a market capitalization of € 3 billion and becoming the world’s largest independent lighting producer.

But in recent years, the entire lighting industry is also undergoing earth-shaking changes.

As we all know, in the field of lighting, foreign-funded enterprises have been playing a monopoly role. Once, Philips, OSRAM, GE and hi years four giants once monopolized the global lighting industry 70% of the market. However, with the arrival of the LED era and the rise of China’s lighting industry, they have started internal integration, stripping Boli business, establish a new strategic direction.

“The future of lighting must be intelligent interconnection.Then after two years of efforts, in the context of the entire Internet of things, the intelligent interconnection helps our company from a single product sales company, sells light, sells lighting, and services to the system The overall provider of the transition. “Wang Yun said.

Therefore, Philips learned Kodak, Sony and other international giants of the lessons, wisely chose to survive and upgrade the transformation of the road.

Philips lighting business has been divided into four blocks: First, the light source, that is usually referred to the traditional lighting and Led high bay low light fixtures ; Second, lighting; Third, the sensor and software systems, with the development of digital technology, Philips has formed a “light source + Sensor + software “system; four is to extend the service, including information and life cycle planning arrangements.

Cross-border integration has become a trend

Lights everywhere, intelligent interconnection and ultimately lighting. While the application of special areas to bring great changes in life.

“We believe that the future of the lighting industry has three major trends is irreversible: First, the increase in the rigid demand for lighting, along with the process of population growth and urbanization; Second, the transformation of traditional lighting; Third, intelligent lighting.” Wang Yun said.

2017, Op, Philips and other 13 lighting companies announced in its intelligent light bulb widely used millet intelligent module, immediately lead to industry concerns. It is understood that millet intelligent hardware team in 1 to 2 days to ordinary household electrical appliances through the millet intelligent module to achieve intelligent, install the millet wireless module, the traditional electronic products can access millet intelligent home ecosystem, with millet The hardware interconnection on the ecological chain.

In addition, Philips Lighting and the United States, Cisco, Apple and other companies have also cross-border cooperation, and another Hue development port open, many developers have developed for Philips Philips more than 200 applications. Philips lighting with an open attitude to deal with this huge market, hand a number of enterprises.

“Lighting is no longer just a simple pursuit of improving energy efficiency or energy conservation.Intelligent interconnection is the future of all industries.Poltage is a very important part of intelligent interconnection, Philips is working with Apple, millet and other different partners together To achieve the energy field of intelligent interconnection of the future. “Wang Yun told reporters.

He believes that the lighting environment has undergone tremendous changes, not just a single lighting can no longer become a powerful industry within the enterprise changes, more is the big data, “Internet +” boom of the external changes, these make lighting no longer Confined to a single lighting frame, but the need to form a large data characteristics of the lighting products.

Competition for the field of intelligent lighting blue ocean

Intelligent control, away from home remote control, regular lighting, comfortable dimming, creating the atmosphere, wake up sleep, light portrayal, music interaction, film and television synchronization … … Today, the role of light has been far beyond the scope of lighting, consumers only need to All kinds of light sources, lighting through the bridge to access the Internet, the use of smart phones, tablet PCs and even voice-activated smart watches, you can adjust a variety of lighting modes to meet the individual needs, optimize the home atmosphere of the lighting.

China Construction Science Research Institute, said Mr. Zhao Jianping, vice president of the Central Institute of Architectural Sciences, lighting industry competition has entered a white-hot, the major lighting companies to break the traditional competitive landscape in the field of intelligent lighting to accelerate exploration, intelligent lighting has become the next “Gold mine”.

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In this regard, Wang Yun that the era of great data survival of the fittest, the world has quietly entered the era of large data, it is not only a big economic environment, but also profoundly changed the traditional appearance of lighting. Enterprises only with innovative ideas and actions, take the initiative to embrace the era of large data in order to capture the value from the data to win the future.

“When every lamp on the ceiling has an IP address, the light has precise positioning and navigation capabilities, and its accuracy can reach centimeters, far more than we are currently using WiFi and Bluetooth positioning system. For example, Shanghai, People’s Square has 19 subway exports, Xujiahui has 20 subway exports, people come out often is halo, do not know the direction.If the installation of the lights on the ceiling to navigate out of a correct access to the direction of its convenience Is everyone needs. “Wang Yun told reporters.

At present, Philips Lighting in Shanghai, the world’s second largest research and development base, the base not only for China’s product design to provide support, but also excellent products and services to the world. At the same time, Philips Lighting is also building a leading global LED production and application base in Chengdu.

“With the maturity of LED technology, Philips Lighting is selling products from selling the concept of service to change, we actively adapt to the development of the lighting industry, the new normal, and constantly adjust the development strategy, transformation into a high value-added service providers.” Wang Yun Say so.

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