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GE lighting or exit from the Asian market stripping lighting business is the trend

International lighting giant shrink lighting business front news constantly. Following Philips, Osram, etc., the international lighting giant GE (General Electric) lighting also like initiation and withdrawal. Has recently been sent to withdraw from the Asian and Latin American market news.

Informed sources told reporters that GE lighting CEO is indeed published in the internal mail to show the intention to quit. “But GE lighting will take what way to exit, it should be said that has not yet clearly planned, the news has not yet announced.

Reporters repeatedly contacted GE Lighting China, but as of press release, did not get a reply. A number of respondents believe that the traditional lighting giant stripping lighting business is the trend, the most important reason is the traditional lighting turned to Led high bay low light fixtures era, profit margins have been greatly compressed.

Or exit the Asian market

Recently, the network rumors that GE lighting CEO wrote to the internal staff said that since November 30 this year, GE lighting will be terminated in Asia and Latin America, all direct business activities. The rumor is like in the lighting industry “cast” a blockbuster.

Reporters in GE Lighting China official website message trying to verify the rumors, but as of press, did not get a reply. Reporters also contact the GE lighting Asia-related high-level trying to understand the situation, the same no echo.

“As far as I know, GE lighting headquarters staff did receive such a message about GE lighting or exit the Asian market, such as internal mail, but GE lighting will take what way to withdraw, it should be said to have not yet implemented, the internal is still in a wait state “A person familiar with the matter told reporters.

National Semiconductor Lighting Engineering R & D and Industry Alliance Deputy Secretary-General Geng Bo told reporters that in recent years, GE lighting has been gradually out of the Asian market. “If five years ago, I have heard that it has to withdraw from China, mainly due to poor efficiency, it is in China’s development down the road.” Geng Bo said, GE lighting in China only channels, Plant, its products mainly through the commissioned by a company called Xiamen Shunda foundry. “Tong Shida also help GE lighting production and sales of lighting products in the North American market.” Data show that the above-mentioned Tokshund full name to become “Xiamen Topstar Co., Ltd.”, Xiamen Light Industry Group affiliated enterprises, mainly engaged in energy-saving Light source products, lighting appliances, plastic products research, development, production and management. Its subsidiary, Tong Shida lighting, through the new technology and GE have cooperation.

Reporters tried to learn more about GE lighting through the inside of the trend to exit the Asian market, but there are internal staff feedback that “do not understand the specific situation.”

Marginalized in China

GE lighting, together with Philips, OSRAM is listed as “the world’s three major lighting giant”, its founder is a household name “lights invented king” – Edison. Despite the long history, but GE lighting in the Asian market visibility, obviously not the next two world lighting giant.

led highbay

The industry believes that GE lighting in China’s development, long-term marginalized state. “GE lighting is mainly for the developed markets in Europe and America, and its products cover industrial lighting, outdoor lighting, commercial lighting, etc., on the whole, industrial lighting and outdoor lighting, these two product lines have the advantage.” National Semiconductor Lighting Engineering R & D and Industry Alliance Secretary General Geng Bo introduced.

Market research institutions industry research association in the ultra-told reporters that GE lighting in the Chinese market promotion efforts, not as good as Philips and other brands, one of the important reasons with the former product layout. GE lighting in the Chinese market to promote the main industrial lighting, mainly to tender, so the promotion and other home-oriented, commercial applications, such as the promotion of lighting products are also different. “GE lighting out of the Asian or Latin American market, its impact is not large, because the two market revenue is very small, such as the size of the Chinese market revenue may only GE lighting about 10% of revenue. Brand awareness is mainly concentrated in the North American market. “Storage in the super said.

A number of industry insiders believe that if GE lighting finally withdraw from the Asian market, but also reasonable. “China’s lighting market is a low-margin market, more and more intense competition, GE lighting want to pursue high-profit market, to give up relatively low-profit market, is a very normal business behavior.” Geng Bo said.

It is worth mentioning that GE Lighting China General Manager Chen Han said in an interview with the media, lighting, GE accounted for the proportion of business is too small, only the company 2% of sales. In a number of market participants view, the traditional lighting giant stripping lighting business, is the trend. Before GE lighting came out of the Asian market, Philips and OSRAM lighting business are “selling” action. In addition, as early as 2017, Samsung has decided to completely stop in the overseas market in Led high bay low light fixtures sales and other related businesses.

There are also views that the international lighting giant’s withdrawal or abandon a part of the business does not mean that the development of the lighting industry has failed, the future or may be in the intelligent lighting “comeback.”

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