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Evaluation of driving power of mining led high bay light lamp

Although the past two years, LED drive power sector by the entire LED industry changes in the ups and downs, and even part of the power companies were forced into the ranks of the price war, there are many companies affected by this crisis and even collapse.

As the highest power technology representative of the field of high-power drive the market, it maintained a relatively stable development, on the one hand, high-power drive entry threshold is higher, on the other hand is the high-power drive technology has been in the hands of a small number of brands , These companies are also more emphasis on brand development.

With the development of the industry, high-power-driven market is quietly changing. Intelligent lighting as one of the most hot industry trends in the future, is slowly penetrating into all areas of the industry. Professional mining lamp into the fashion dimming elements, will not rub out a different spark? This issue of power evaluation selected the industry well-known power company British Feite Electronics (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd. for a mining lamp application developed by the 240W adjustable optical drive power.

From the nameplate of the LED driver, you can see that it has CE certification mark, safety extra low voltage output (SELV), digital letter height greater than 2mm, trash mark height greater than 7mm, other mark height greater than 5mm, meet the standard requirements. Professional and fashion will be how to combine

From the measured parameters of the sample point of view, 0-10V dimming in line with lo loset vs. dimming voltage curve to meet the standard requirements.

The use of constant power intelligent programmable design, software can be programmed to adjust the output current, so as to achieve the effect of dimming. This design is more conducive to energy saving and adapt to more applications, the output current adjustable range of 10% -100% Ioset. The following tests use the input voltage of 240V output current of 10% loset and loset, the output current, voltage and power test values.

This power supply uses constant current output mode, can avoid the drive current exceeds the maximum rating and thus affect its reliability, can effectively avoid lightning, power grid surge, over current, over voltage protection, LED life longer, In line with the requirements of led high bay low bay fixtures lamp requirements and characteristics, and into the current industry is more popular current regulation function, can be said to be a major highlight of the product.

From the actual test data can be seen, the current adjustment range to meet the standard requirements. But the constant power design has a more serious problem is the heat, once dealing with poor heat problems, not only will affect the LED life, will also affect the reliability of the power supply.

Dual mode compatible dimming
0-10V dimming performance test: online voltage range -20V ~ 20V, the line output current 200μA ~ 450μA
Remark: “N” in the test result means “not applicable”, “P” means “pass”, “F” means “no pass”.

12V auxiliary source design
12V output line voltage measured for 11.33V, consistent with the product standard, meet the standard requirements.
This sample uses a separate dimming control line design, it can be said that similar products in a more prominent one bright spot. The separate dimming design, support external programmer, so that dimming more accurate, more convenient control.

Power Efficiency

commercial lighting products ltd

Power efficiency is tested at 277Vac:
Io = 2800 mA, the minimum is 91.5%, typical is 93.85%
Io = 4200mA, the minimum is 89.5%, the typical value is 91.78%
From the actual test of the sample, the power efficiency is kept at a high level. Tailored for the miner’s lamp.
1, waterproof silicone coating is not completely uniform, even smear should be more conducive to heat;
2, the power cord is quite stable, forced to pull no loose phenomenon;
3, the back cover and drive box at the junction of the use of convex groove design, and perfusion of waterproof silicone, waterproof structure is good.
It is worth noting that this sample radiator fins are designed. Radiator fins on the small down (Note: the bottom of the lamp plate fixed end), the gap is like a chimney shape; specific as follows:

The picture shows that there may be errors, when the subject prevail, the measured upper end of 1mm, the bottom of 2.5mm, fin thickness measurement there is a certain error, the error range of about 0.3-0.5mm.

In the thermal design, there is a cooling effect called the chimney effect, due to the above narrow width, will produce a pull force, so that faster heat dissipation, help to ensure the efficiency of the drive power and LED life.


From the start of the sample, the circular design is compact, the metal shell with the surface of the matte process, coupled with pure black gives a strong sense of durable, quite texture, chimney structure to better heat dissipation, can enhance the use of the product Life expectancy; from the actual parameters, the higher power efficiency, auxiliary source dimming design, over temperature protection, overvoltage protection, short circuit protection and other multi-directional protection, can be called a good mining lamp drive power.

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