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EMC, which is considered a “border” product, is stepping into high-power markets

With the LED packaging technology to enhance, EMC, COB package structure and CSP technology is changing the traditional packaging application pattern.

Especially in recent years, downstream lighting applications customers high light efficiency, high reliability and low-cost products, love, LED packaging products also increased with the requirements.

Currently on the market there are several major models of EMC 3030,5050,7070 and other models, of which 3030 cost-effective, Si Maide, photoelectric, Hongli Zhihui, Ruifeng photoelectric, Li Yang shares and other packaging companies have 3030 products.

According to the analysis of packaging professionals, to a certain extent, EMC is actually a border product, in some areas of plasticity. In the high-power up to 1.2W, SMD package down the form of power can also be done 0.2W-0.5W, deployment of large space. Compared to other patch products such as PPA, EMC has significant thermosetting, and high temperature, anti-yellowing.

EMC can not only be used in low-power products, in the application of high-power products on the LED products can better achieve small size and high power. Because of its power from the point of view, with a mature patch technology; from the structural point of view because of its integrity, through the lens secondary optical easier to light distribution.

Based on the characteristics of materials and structures, EMC products with high heat resistance, anti-UV, highly integrated, to withstand high current, small size and other significant features. Among them, a significant increase in anti-UV performance, making EMC applications from high-end business applications to expand to outdoor lighting.

“EMC5050, is a master of the main outdoor products, has been sold out of stock.” Si Maide marketing director Zhang Luhua in July 8 “2017 high-tech LED outdoor road landscape lighting special seminar,” said the company EMC Products within 20w has been achieved full power coverage. EMC 5050 light efficiency up to 160lm w, replace 3-7w COB products, light source costs can save about 30%.

EMC to seize high-power market

As we all know, EMC is the most prominent feature of high temperature and anti-UV, not only that, EMC high power has been able to achieve most of the alternative COB applications, no splicing, and has better light color performance.

In fact, the current market applications have been extended to a higher power range, EMC packaging technology advantage is enough to replace the early high-power ceramics, COB and other products, in high-power indoor lighting and outdoor lights, tunnel lights, mining lamps and other potential can be tapped.

“EMC packaging is based on indoor applications, is gradually moving to the outdoor market.There are more manufacturers to achieve mass production, including the days of photoelectric has a large number of shipments, many customers complete the installation of lights for several months , The response is good.

At present, the photoelectric has made EMC 5050,7070,1A1A or even larger size, used to replace the low wattage COB products, and affordable, to achieve higher cost.

“In recent years, EMC in the outdoor and alternative traditional high-power products more and more widely, is an important member of the high-end chip market, especially in outdoor lighting,” said Wang Gao-yang, deputy general manager of Hongli Zhihui. Applications are very extensive, such as street lamps, mining lamps, spotlights, and high – end backlighting.

Because EMC has high heat resistance, anti-yellowing, high current, high power, high air tightness, anti-UV, etc., against UV requirements of relatively high outdoor lighting field and require high stability of the backlight area has outstanding advantages.

“The current mainstream flat-panel EMC tightness better, lower cost, but need to scribe and use the bottom of the test.” National Star photoelectric technology-related person in charge said.

High-power EMC packaging products with reliability, cost-effective and comprehensive performance advantages officially entered the professional lighting stage, starting from the interior, in more areas to replace the early products, to achieve large-scale, and further strengthen the market competitiveness.

EMC costs contain points in the stent

The birth of a product, always accompanied by short board, EMC is no exception.

In the domestic market, although the various packaging plants have developed EMC devices, but the EMC stent are bought from the outside, the cost of rack space is limited, high manufacturing equipment costs, high material prices, access to the high threshold for EMC support production Is not high, mainly concentrated in more than 1W power applications, 3030 is a typical representative.

EMC packaging is the main challenge in the production of stents, because of its highly integrated support, the production will be more difficult than ordinary ordinary stent.

According to the relevant person in charge of Starlight, the future of EMC want to achieve mass production, the price of the bracket manufacturers can not be overlooked.

EMC cost of the current overall cost and accuracy are to be improved, the core technology is still concentrated in the hands of Japanese and Taiwan enterprises.

EMC packaging technology is not the original LED technology, drawing on the IC package, and has been applied in the IC package for more than 20 years, so EMC packaging is technically mature.

light bay

“However, EMC to large-scale application of the LED packaging industry, the bottleneck is not in the packaging plant, but rather the stent plant, so the packaging plant is difficult to form a better profit growth of this technology point,” said Zhang Yueqiang, director of photoelectric research and development, “

In addition, because the thermosetting material can not be recycled, the most direct consequence is that the price of EMC stent has been high.

Relevant personage said that with the support of the production or development of industrial chain advantages of the packaging plant will be used first, other packaging plants will be in the EMC stent prices to a certain extent after use.

“Smai was developed by self-developed to enhance the stent air-tight technology to achieve the scale of EMC series of stent production, is currently on the market the first batch of supply EMC series of packaging products manufacturers, products can be fully replace the same specifications of imported products. “Zhang Luhua mentioned.

All in all, EMC technology threshold is relatively high, equipment investment costs, taking into account the EMC scaffold process complexity and equipment investment, prices will decline but a substantial decline in the short term is unlikely.

EMC’s replacement for PCT is only a matter of time

The industry is generally optimistic about the prospect of EMC packaging, when part of the LED packaging manufacturers to actively import, however, we should analyze from a rational point of view, EMC is a mature technology, enterprises in order to share in the EMC market, the key is in technology and Management for profit.

At this stage, EMC or the “game” between the manufacturers, in the absence of major technological changes before the small factory to enter must be carefully assessed.

Zhang Lin, deputy general manager of the same photo, said, “EMC products in the field of light with other light source does not have the advantages of cost-effective and high reliability and free combination of application advantages, while both production automation model, the next three years can not be ignored Generation star products. “

In the future, as EMC material performance and manufacturing processes tend to mature, prices are expected to fall close to the current PCT scaffolds.

EMC support from the MAP way to the blanking mode change, remove the cutting process will accelerate the popularity of EMC products. Alternative PCT packaging may only be a matter of time.

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