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Development trend of led high bay lamps, looking forward to the next decade

Previously, the inventor of the industrial and led high bay lamp published a report entitled “Trends in the development of semiconductor lighting and the prospect of the next decade”, which he developed from the brief history of led high bay mining lightral lights, performance, packaging and performance trends, the next decade industrial development outlook To share their views with the participants.

According to the United States DOE released in April 2013 led high bay lighting industry development plan shows that from the performance of led high bay lamp device performance, cold white light led high bay lamp device in 2013 light performance of 164lm / W, is expected to reach 235lm / W in 2020, the end Target of 266lm / W. From the point of view of comprehensive price / performance, the cold light of industrial and led high bay lamps will be $ 4 / klm in 2013 and 0.7 $ / klm in 2020, with a target of 0.5 $ / klm.

The performance of the warm white light industrial lamp device performance, 2013 129lm / W, 2020 will reach 224lm / W, and finally to 266lm / W; cost-effective point of view, 2013 5.1 / klm, 2020 0.7 $ / klm , The target is 0.5 $ / klm. At present, the performance of led high bay lighting products doubled, while prices fell rapidly, the development of led high bay lighting industry has reached a critical period of market breakthrough.

Over the past decade, the industrial and led high bay lighting industry continued to develop rapidly. Through the continuous optimization of existing technologies and the continuous development of new technologies, the lighting of industrial and led high bay lamps continued to improve in light efficiency, comprehensive cost performance and light color performance. The emergence and development of new technologies will certainly have a positive impact on the development of the industry, but what kind of technology will become important technical trends can not be finalized, need to continue to observe. Intelligent control system will continue in the alternative lighting stage with the integration of led high bay lighting, the future of the entire industry will continue to develop in the direction of innovation and application. Future led high bay lighting will continue to look for the driving force of industrial development from the perspective of technology integration, and the packaging link may play a more important role.

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The next decade the development of industrial and led high bay lighting industry will be based on technological breakthroughs to further open the new impetus to innovative applications, solid-state lighting will provide a more comfortable global, balanced light environment. Technical upgrading and cost reduction is still ongoing, review the development of the entire led high bay lamp lighting process, with the red light of led high bay lamps, blue and green light of the invention and the rapid increase in efficiency, the birth of white light, led high bay lamp really become a lighting Of the light source, and the rapid increase in white light efficiency, and promote the rapid development of the entire industry.

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