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CSP LED lighting design to create unlimited possibilities

The current general lighting market on the use of CSP products are mostly to replace the traditional way of packaging light source in the push, which will cause low prices to meet the market. So how to innovate, cultivate differentiated markets, improve the competitiveness of products has always been more concerned about the topic.

Organized by the high-level LED packaging innovation seminar held in the afternoon of September 9 in Shenzhen Green World successfully held, Dong Hao Optoelectronics Deputy General Manager Chen Jiang on the “CSP Led high bay low light fixtures design to create unlimited possibilities,” this topic with everyone to communicate.

Since entering this year, CSP has become the packaging industry star products. Chen Jiang believes that “in the field of general lighting, how to combine the advantages of CSP package, in the lighting design innovation, production of products, improve the competitiveness of products to meet the market demand for differentiation, is the current CSP packaging manufacturers and lamps Manufacturers should be considered. “

Indeed, the lack of lighting industry standards, industry access threshold is low, product design homogeneity serious, LED light source costs lower and lower, accounting for the proportion of the total cost of lighting less and less light source price or not on the absolute cost of lighting Impact.

led strip lighting for garage

Therefore, how to make the light source in the lighting design innovation, enhance the intrinsic value of lighting products is now facing an important issue.

More than 10 years, has been committed to high-power LED R & D and production, but also in the field of CSP first “eat crab” business.

Chenjiang introduction, at present, Dong Hao photoelectron CSP white (1005,1510,1515,2020,2525), 3535 high-power LED, imitation lumen high-power LED, integrated high-power LED and other products.

Dpower csp product light-emitting structure for the five-sided light, single-sided light; with high stability, high luminous efficiency characteristics, has passed LM-80 test, light efficiency can reach 180LM W.

CSP light source does not contain silver, anti-sulfide, high temperature, high stability characteristics, so that explosion-proof lamps for a variety of harsh environments.

With no gold line package, high low temperature, anti-moisture and so on.

Traditional LED packaging light source glare too heavy, the angle is not good control problems, and the use of CSP package light source spotlights, to solve the glare-free, small angle.

CSP applied to PAR lamp products

The use of CSP small size high power, high lumens per unit area of ​​high efficiency, high heat transfer characteristics, the CSP light source placed in front of the reflective cup center, the use of the principle of reflection light to achieve the traditional PAR lamp effect.

Traditional led high bay low bay fixtures lamp structure, light installed in the radiator, direct light down.

The use of CSP light source low thermal resistance, high temperature, high reliability, small size, combined with a simple combination of the characteristics of the light source on the best focus of the reflector, the light reflected through the reflector to the ground to solve glare and other issues. Support the mining lamp to 500-1500W.

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