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Analysis of the Characteristics of LED Industrial Light

LED led high bay lamp as one of the main energy-saving emission reduction. Years of LED led high bay lamp ushered in a new period, and now the community is very important green, and happens to LED led high bay lamp has this feature. So it has been vigorously promoted, LED led high bay lamps will continue to optimize and improve, so that very good popularity to all areas of society. The following describes the LED led high bay lamp light source some features:

1. Quote: LED energy-saving lamps offer more expensive, compared to incandescent, a few LED offer will be able to offer an incandescent equivalent, and usually each group of lights need to be composed of 300 ~ 500 diodes.

2. Voltage: LED energy-saving lamps use low-voltage power supply, the supply voltage between 6-24V, according to the different goods, so it is a more secure than the use of high-voltage power supply, especially for public places.

3. echo time: its incandescent echo time for the millisecond level, LED led high bay lamp echo time for the nanosecond

4. Performance: energy consumption than the same effect of incandescent light 80%

5. Stability: 100,000 hours, the light failure for the initial 50%

6. Applicability: very small, each unit LED chip is 3-5mm square, it can be prepared into a variety of shapes of equipment, and suitable for a variable environment

led high bay luminaires

7. Environmental pollution: no harmful metal mercury

8. Life: In our lighting shopping malls, LED led high bay lamps are simply using excellent aluminum alloy materials for the manufacture of lamp shell, aluminum alloy strength contrast, all aspects of the function are relatively stable, and therefore, in the long After the use of time will not change the appearance of deformation, and its appearance is through the high-voltage electrostatic spray treatment, making the appearance of the lamp feel comfortable, long service life.

9. Safety function: Taking into account the special use of the address of the lamp, we made in the manufacture of LED led high bay lamp, the use of a special explosion-proof structure design, and the use of tempered glass to create lamp shade, Of the manufacture of technology, making the production of led high bay lamp performance and stability, with a certain explosion-proof function, the use of very convenient, high safety factor.

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