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An Important Part of LED High Bay Light – Analysis of Packaging Technology

LED led high bay lamp is common in the equipment at home, living room, kitchen, bathroom, balcony, lamp and so on all the needs of lighting the local, is now environmentally friendly and energy efficient civilian lighting source. So how do you buy high quality lights?

From the power point of view alone, LED power life is about 20,000 hours to see the heat situation, and weather conditions! Working hours of the length of the situation there are many elements of choice!

Energy-saving lamps as many home decoration options, shopping malls products really cohabitation, then how to buy LED led high bay lights? How to distinguish between a wide variety of products? This article will be our small series of LED led high bay lights to buy, equipment and daily use of clean related content. Domestic chips, Taiwan chips, imported chips, and now there are three main chips, in these chips to Taiwan chip cost-effective, the general use of high-end customers in this chip. Less imported chips, expensive, and domestic chip quality is not very good, the price is relatively low.

industrial fixtures

LED packaging is a more important part of a resin package and silicone packaging, compared to the point of heat dissipation is good or bad, relatively speaking, silicone package heat superior, so the price is more expensive. Good quality LED led high bay lamp on the solder joints should be lubricated, the amount of solder for uniform, poor quality LED lights with solder joints with tin tip appears.

High-brightness LED led high bay lights demand information is more messy, the production process requirements are more severe, so the cost is more expensive, so consumers only need the general brightness of the LED led high bay lights should be clear. From the label can also see whether a factory is formal, regular manufacturers of products will be printed on the product may be printed on the label, rather than print out the paste. General product specifications and specifications, LED led high bay lamp lighting should also be equipped with a light with a connector may be a deck.

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