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AC / DC LED driver meets industrial lighting requirements

Small size, AC DC LED driver micro-power directly make up the LBC-160 series. It is designed to provide constant current output, high efficiency, wide AC input range and required industrial lighting systems, solid “lamp” packaging.

Five inputs from universal 90 to 305V AC and provide constant current output range from 1.47 to 4.55A output voltage level of 25 to 63V DC. The standard configuration includes 92% efficiency, active PFC, 10kV surge protection, short circuit protection, and analog or PWM dimming control inputs. Mean time between failures (per MIL HDBK217F) is greater than more than 220 hours. All models are UL8750 certified and comply with EN55015 and EN61547 requirements. All models are packaged in the rated IP65 IP67 dust, moisture protection level “lamp” situation. They work in the -40 industrial temperature range to + 70 ° C in the environment. The cooling is through convection of free air.

AC DC LED driver meets industrial lighting requirements

The application is used as a custom fixture if used in LED lamps, reflectors, and mounting components as well as to make a “custom” fixture. They can also be used for applications that will include high and low bay installations in warehouses or factory lighting systems; street and parking lighting; and retail and commercial lighting systems.
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