What are the characteristics of led lights and energy-saving lamps?

In daily life, no matter it is outdoor, indoor LED lights are popular in all areas, and each of the lamps has become a must-use commodity, but most households will choose led lamps and energy-saving lamps when installing lamps, so led lamps and energy-saving lamps What are the differences? How to maintain LED lamps? Let ’s take a look together!

The difference between led lights and energy-saving lamps 
High Bay Light – Apollo Series

The difference between led lights and energy-saving lamps, most LED lights can be used for more than 50,000 hours, and even LED lights can reach 100,000 hours. The life of an LED lamp is mainly determined by the two major factors of the chip and the driver. However, since the LED lamp does not have a filament fuse, the life of the LED lamp is much longer than other lamps LED High Bay Light.

The life of general energy-saving lamps is about 5,000 hours, and some energy-saving lamps can reach more than 8,000, which means that energy-saving lamps will be replaced in about one year. Therefore, comparing the two, it can be seen that the LED lamp can be used after five years before it needs to be replaced, which also saves a lot of cost for replacing the lamp. So why do you choose LED lights now ?

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